Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mt Tamborine Antiques

Next stop for the Mum & I were the antique collectables shops. I had been fangin' to go to Kittys Vintage Kitsch since I met this lovely lady at Greazefest. As soon as I walked underneath the floral arbor I fell in love. So many amazing things. In addition to mid-century modern I also have a love for Deco style.
Alas, my pockets were bare otherwise I could have bought up half the shop. Simply beautiful.

We quickly popped across the road to check out the neighbouring shops. A bit more 'shabby chic' but still nice to browse. Mum fell in love with & bought a funky cat statue.

By this time we were a bit parched & starting to get a bit tired so we headed down the mountain again.
We decided to stop into The Bearded Dragon for a lemon lime bitters. I hadn't been there before. It was great. No wonder they have Garter Belts and Gasoline there. What a cool venue. MASSIVE beer garden.
Unfortunately Mum & I didn't have any rockabilly to listen to only an old bloke on piano accordian.
I can't wait til next May to experience my first GB & G festival!
Finally it was time for us to brave the motorways & head back home. Totally knackered but happy.

Tamborine Skywalk

Hidy ho. Sorry I have been slack on the blogging but the earring caper has taken over everything! I have now sold 35 pairs in one week! Awesome! I'm waiting by the mail box for the posty to deliver my next shipment of stock. There are some really really cute earrings to come.
Anyway, what have I been doing?
Last weekend my Mummsy came to stay. My Mummsy is a social worker who works very very hard in quite a stressful job so it was nice to have her come & stay for the weekend & chill-out with her eldest.
Saturday we got up & did the drive up to Mount Tamborine. I haven't been up the mount for ages!
The weather was lovely & it was a nice cruisy drive up the windey roads.
Our destination:  the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk.
As their blurb says: 
Over 300 meters of stable steel structured bridge through the higher rainforest canopy, combined with the 40 meter long Skywalk Cantilever soaring 30 meters over the creek below. It is the longest canopy walk in South East Queensland.
When I first stepped out onto the bridge I got pretty bad vertigo. Oooo dizzy. But after a few more steps & deep breaths chanting "You're not going to fall. You're not going to fall" I was fine.
For the next 45 minutes we had a lovely stroll through the walk. Not all of the walk is on the high skywalk. Some of it is just on a bushwalk trail.  There weren't many people on the walk so it was nice & quiet in amongst the trees. I was only freaking out a little about getting a tic.

On the way back the path takes you to another skywalk bit but this part is a Cantilever. It juts out over the rainforest canopy. I must admit that I was very very quick in my walk to the end (it was swaying from side to side!). I got Mum to quickly snap a pic of me & bolted back to the path. I am such a wuss!
We made it back to the start just in time for a big bus load of tourists to arrive. Good timing! If you like doing bushwalks & "getting back to nature" I can recommend this as a day out.
If you don't like heights I would avoid it like the plague.
I loved the name of this fern "Weeping Spleenwort".

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hi-Fallutin now selling earrings!

Howdy yawl. Well I decided to bite the bullet & give it a give selling my earrings. Being the little go-getter that I am & not one to sit back on my haunches I immediately created my business card/earring holders & raced to Officeworks to get them printed.
I decided on an image that was more fun & cartoony than PIN-UP or super 1950s. I think my Hi-Fallutin gal is cute as.  (she's meant to look a bit like me)
I have sold 12 pairs in just 24 hours of creating my Facebook shop!!!
I am going for more of a 'vintage' style with my earrings & avoiding the whole kitsch kustom-kulture polka dot, skull , bow, nautical themes that are already being done.
I am selling them for $10 a pair with free postage in Australia which I think is pretty reasonable.
If my little business continues to grow.... brilliant.... if not it's ok I will just have a fantastic supply of earrings to wear. 
I've already ordered heaps more in all different colours, styles & made from all different materials.
Like glass, resin, celluloid & wood.
Very exciting. I am waiting by the post box eager to receive my shipments.
If anyone wants to order them they can either email me at OR write SOLD under the pair they want on the Facebook page .
At the moment they are one-offs but if they increase in popularity I will do multiples.
Mz Vicki : Earring Entrepreneur ... who would have thunk it?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've gone Earrings MAD!

Howdy Yawl!!

Well since getting my ears pierced I have been overwelmed by the amount of earrings that are out there to buy & frankly underwelmed by the choice of 'vintage' style earrrings. So many times I have tortured myself by going to Westfield only to leave empty handed earringless grunting with disappointment.
So I did what any vintage loving gal worth her salt would do ... I went onto Etsy. (my preciousssssss)
I was surfing for 'vintage' & 'vintage style' earrings when I stumbled across.
I found a treasure-trove. So O-M-G I decided to make my own earrings!!! Did you know that the name of the front bits on earrings is called a Cabachon? Well now you do now!
So I've ordered 50 million (I may exaggerate a touch) earring posts/backs (it was super cheap to buy in bulk) & I have ordered (again in bulk) masses of cool earring cabachons.
So, a squirt of super glue & WALLAH I have my own earrings!!

I must admit I have gone a bit overboard & bought shiteloads. I also bought packs on Ebay. I am obsessed.
Yesterday my first pack of goodies arrived & I couldn't wait to get home & start creating.
I just love glueing things. I do love the smell of a hot glue gun.
Well 42 pairs later (!!!) I have heaps of cute-as earrings.

If people show interest I might try to sell some but not sure if I want to go down that path.
What do you guys think???
I'm a bit selfish & want to keep them all for me & give them as pressies to people.
I can't wait for my next cabs to arrive. They are glass ones & super kitsch.
Vicki the Queen of Manic Short Lived Craft Attacks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Day Out - Afternoon

Mick had won tickets to Palace Centro on 4BC so we trundled off to watch the movie "The Guard". It is a little low budget Irish film. It was rated really highly by my favourite magazine Empire. It also stars  Brendan Gleeson & Don Cheadle. Two of our favourite actors. It was a really good film. Very very funny in parts.
We rated it 7/10.

Afterwards we went to the coolest little music/book store called "TITLE".

It's just up the road from Palace. It is like my dream shop that I would love to own.
We could have spent hundreds of dollars in this shop. We ended up buying one CD called "Jam Up Twist".
Heaps of great music from obsure rockabilly compilations to ska to bluegrass with a great selection of kitsch coffee table books & an unreal range of cult films for sale. Definately worth checking out.

Saturday Day Out - In the City

By the time was had explored the museum we were starving so we popped into the city for the best Japanese Pork Katsu curry & honey milk bubble tea at Kadoya.  So so yum.

While we were in the city I thought we should definately go check out the Mad Men exhibition at Queens Plaza. I was very excited to see the costumes from this TV show.

We got to the Queens Plaza & found the "exhibition". It was about 15 metres of orange carpet with TWO (yep count 'em TWO) frocks from the show. With a 1950s bar & dressing table & a chair chucked inbetween for a bit of visual merchandising. I've We quickly hurried to the information desk to find out where the actual exhibition is. That's it we were told. I've seen better displays in Sportsgirl windows!


Saturday Day Out - Maritime Museum.

On last cold windy Saturday Mick & I decided to have a Day Out. We are both big fans of visiting museums & The Brisbane Maritime Museum has been on our list of Things To Do for ages. At only $8 entry it is a great way to spend a few hours. (We were there for about 3 hours)

Mick has always had a deep interest in Maritime history but I was more interested because my Grandfather was in the Navy during WWII. He served on the HMAS Australia & went to Japan only 3 months after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The picture above is a model of the HMAS Australia that he served on.
After spending about 1 1/2 hours inside we finally explored inside the Diamantina. A Royal Australian Navy frigate built in Queensland and commissioned in 1945.
This was great. You would not want to have been Mick's size & be in the Navy! Very squishy. You get to go almost all over this massive ship. Even down into the galleys. We got a bit of vertigo at first but then it was fine.

We had loads of fun on the guns (pretending to shoot people on the bridge) & I just had to straddle the cannon while singing "If I could Turn Back Time".
Such an interesting place to visit. Loved it. The people who work there are super lovely & very passionate about preserving our heritage. They get very little funding from the government.
Highly recommended day out if you are interested in Australia's history.

This is a pic of my Grandad in his Navy uniform

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Napoleon Perdis Better Off Red

So exciting! Yesterday I received in the post my prize for being one of the runners up in the Napoleon Perdis Better Off Red competition. In the pack was 3 red lip glosses, 1 red lip liner, 1 lip pallette & 1 mascara.  Naturally I am of the firm belief that you cannot own too many red lippies.
As soon as I got my pack home I couldn't wait to try them on.
Firstly I tried the Lady In Red lip gloss. Now I must be honest, I'm not usually a lip GLOSS gal prefering my lippy to be bold & matt but I was pleasantly surprised. The Lady In Red gloss was more of a pinky red. I really liked the 'texture' of it. It didn't feel too gluggy. I am also wearing it to work today & I haven't had to reapply yet (after 4 hours of wear & 3 coffees! impressive).

The next gloss is Undercover Red. According to the back of the box " Upon contact with the lips, this clear, self-adjusting jelly gloss morphs into your very own shade of red. Thanks to extraordinary pH-sensitive pigments". My pigments are a very soft coral pink colour. I wasn't super impressed with this one although it was very moisturing.

Next up was Front Row Red. This was my fav. It is a deep red & more like my style. It went on beautifully & again the texture was nice. I've tried other lip glosses before & found them to be sticky & tacky. The colour was lovely. I will say however that it is a REAL bugger to remove. This one does not want to budge. I had to really scrub my lips with a makeup cleansing pad to remove the colour. This is not a negative though. I love a lippie that won't budge! Winner winner chicken dinner!
I also tried the lip pallette. I've never tried a lipstick like this. Firstly you put on the lipstick with the neat little brush but then you put a top coat of like blush powder over the top. I didn't really like that as it made my lips too dry. The lip pallette colour was nice though.
I also tried the lip liner which was a lovely deep red colour & again had a really nice texture which went on very smoothly.  Today for work I put on the mascara. It was also pretty good. I am lucky because I have really long eyelashes like two spiders on my face so it's not hard for me to look like I'm wearing fake eyelashes.
All in all it was like Christmas had come early to the Martin house.
I'm very grateful toNapoleon Perdis   for this fabulous prize. They can be sure that I will be wearing their product with pride.