Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Napoleon Perdis Better Off Red

So exciting! Yesterday I received in the post my prize for being one of the runners up in the Napoleon Perdis Better Off Red competition. In the pack was 3 red lip glosses, 1 red lip liner, 1 lip pallette & 1 mascara.  Naturally I am of the firm belief that you cannot own too many red lippies.
As soon as I got my pack home I couldn't wait to try them on.
Firstly I tried the Lady In Red lip gloss. Now I must be honest, I'm not usually a lip GLOSS gal prefering my lippy to be bold & matt but I was pleasantly surprised. The Lady In Red gloss was more of a pinky red. I really liked the 'texture' of it. It didn't feel too gluggy. I am also wearing it to work today & I haven't had to reapply yet (after 4 hours of wear & 3 coffees! impressive).

The next gloss is Undercover Red. According to the back of the box " Upon contact with the lips, this clear, self-adjusting jelly gloss morphs into your very own shade of red. Thanks to extraordinary pH-sensitive pigments". My pigments are a very soft coral pink colour. I wasn't super impressed with this one although it was very moisturing.

Next up was Front Row Red. This was my fav. It is a deep red & more like my style. It went on beautifully & again the texture was nice. I've tried other lip glosses before & found them to be sticky & tacky. The colour was lovely. I will say however that it is a REAL bugger to remove. This one does not want to budge. I had to really scrub my lips with a makeup cleansing pad to remove the colour. This is not a negative though. I love a lippie that won't budge! Winner winner chicken dinner!
I also tried the lip pallette. I've never tried a lipstick like this. Firstly you put on the lipstick with the neat little brush but then you put a top coat of like blush powder over the top. I didn't really like that as it made my lips too dry. The lip pallette colour was nice though.
I also tried the lip liner which was a lovely deep red colour & again had a really nice texture which went on very smoothly.  Today for work I put on the mascara. It was also pretty good. I am lucky because I have really long eyelashes like two spiders on my face so it's not hard for me to look like I'm wearing fake eyelashes.
All in all it was like Christmas had come early to the Martin house.
I'm very grateful toNapoleon Perdis   for this fabulous prize. They can be sure that I will be wearing their product with pride.

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