Monday, October 15, 2018

When you're chewing on life's gristle Don't grumble, give a whistle

Last blog post - April 2018.

Well stone the flamin' crows and slap a Tim Tam on my arse !!!!

Almost 6 months later I only now feel like my life is starting to calm down and even out to a place where I feel like I'm ready to start wasting people's precious internet time by blogging again.

I'll bring you up to speed shall I ?

Work - I am working back in admin again. It's fantastic. 
I am a data entry/receptionist office dweeb.  I work Mon-Fri 8-3 only about 10 minutes from home. It's right on the waterfront at Scarborough.  It's brilliant. Zero stress. 
I sit in front of a computer entering purchase orders while listening to the best of the 80s and 90s on Easy Hits.  No walk in customers so I can look as slovenly as I want 
(read Millers black pants and no iron smart casual tops)

Health - My latest round of ultra-sounds explain why I didn't continue with my Aged Care dream. 
I have hip bursitis in both hips and dodgy veins in my right leg.  The physical nature of Aged Care just destroyed me. I loved the caring part of the job but carrying wheel chairs, making beds and all the squatting (oh god the squatting. My poor fucking knees) killed me. 
But more about my Aged Care experience later. 
I will be having a cortisone injection in both hips this week. I never in my wildest nightmares thought I would ever be looking forward to someone jabbing a big fucking needle into my squishy bits.  
I also have to wear a gorgeous beige compression stocking on my right leg to stop my cactus very close vein from popping a foofa valve or sumthin.

Finally getting a permanent part-time job with you-beaut working hours, that is less taxing on my ole manky hips and more importantly on my fried el wonko brain has allowed me to get back into the land of the LIVING and socialising again.
Hallefuckinglujah !!!!!

We can finally make plans and DO things again.

I've been able to work with a physiotherapist to get into an exercise program so I now walk for 20 minutes each morning along the waterfront before work (sae noice) and I've rejoined Dolphins gym ("oh fucking hell not again!" I hear you cry). 
No no no I get into the hydrotherapy pool which is a divine 31 degrees (it's like taking a bath in a giant pool that has been filled with Lush chlorine & piss bath bombs)
I do my low impact hip and buttock strengthening exercises while trying to avoid being smacked in the face by little Timnmy's pool noodle.......... while his parents sit on the sidelines, eyes glazed looking into their Samsungs,  not watching how their darling little boy is deliberating bomb diving RIGHT where I am trying to do my 'bike' riding on my noodle. ... 
Give me strength.

My self esteem has taken a big battering over the last 2 years but I now feel like I am on the up and up again.  
Intense arsehole bitch face mole bullying in the workplace 
........ followed by intense stress and pressure doing my Aged Care prac (chuck in some bitch face mole bullying there too) 
.........followed by working in community aged care and the physical and crazy emotional pressures of that,
 ........ to applying for SO many jobs only to be knocked by time and time again 
.......combined with my love/hate relationship with all things stuffed with sugar 
has resulted in a hefty gain on the ole WW bathroom scales. Le Sigh.


I am now back on track and excited for the future.

I have so many exciting adventures ahead of me and I can't wait to share them with you.

I have started compiling a list of sorts. Like a very low key low impact bucket list of interesting things to do. 
No I will NOT be rodeo riding bulls or jumping out of perfectly safe aeroplanes or swimming with irukandji jellyfish.  

I'm thinking more like - Go see a symphony. Go do an art class. Swap full cream chocolate for carob. Ok that last one was taking it too far.  
Shave all my hair off. YES I SHAVED MOST OF MY HAIR OFF. 
(Oh regret)

It feels great to be back behind the keyboard again after such a long break.  
I will be writing about some of the things I've been up to over the past 6 months as there is a lot to tell.

In the words of James Brown 
" I feel good . NANANNANNAAR . I knew that I would now. NANANANANANANA".