Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.

Well today is weigh-in day. I LOST 900g woohooo. Bringing me down to a positively gaunt 84.6kg!
As long as that graph is going down I'm happy.

I put it down to one word.....

Last weekend while other people went outside & enjoyed the sunshine I stayed inside my house & cooked up a storm. I cooked up Cajun Fish Stew, Indian Lentil Soup & Thai Pumpkin soup. I boiled up eggs & wrote up my week's food & exercise programme.
Planning & being organised is the key to my brain not feeling like a puffer fish in the sun.
visualisaton of my brain when stressed & overwelmed.
The other thing I have done is bought myself a fancy little notebook and whenever I think of.... well anything really.... songs I hear on the radio that I like.... things I want to buy (this list is quite long).... crafty things I want to try.... funny words (this week's word is ennui).... snack ideas. This helps get the thoughts OUT of my head.
Helps make me feel like I AM IN CONTROL.

I'm back on the 'clean' eating train. (except for that Picnic I ate yesterday. Nuts are protein right?)
I recently re-discovered navel oranges. OMG I must have been living under a rock. What have oranges ever done to me? I would go to Woolies and see them and just completely disregard them.
"Oranges. Pfft. Boring fruit". I would think as I moved onto the more exotic Nashi pears & cherries.
This week I thought.. "What the hell.. I'm feeling sassy. I'll buy some meh oranges".
I'm now addicted. I'm sorry I judged you oranges. :(

In other news I am so excited because my brother & his wife had a baby boy this week. After a super long labour finally Bronson Denis came into the world. 10 pound 4!!!!!
It's so cool that my widdle brother is now a Dad. (and a bit weird)
I look forward to being a totally cool and rad aunty and spoiling my nephew rotten.
I also look forward to when Bronson is about 15 years old telling him stories about all the horrific things his father did to me when we were young.  hehehehehhehe


  1. Love this post! It's so true about organisation - and love the notebook idea. Thanks for the inspiration. And congrats on becoming an Aunty to the gorgeous Bronson! :)

  2. Congrats Aunty Vicki!!

    Well done on the loss! :)

    Positively gaunt darlink!

    xo Fiona

  3. Yay for you losing weight :) It takes work in more ways than one.xx.

  4. Congratulations on the loss. And congratulations Aunty Vicki, he is adorable. And may I say I looooove the Thai Pumpkin soup.