Tuesday, April 14, 2015


One of my all time fav sewing blogs Lucky Lucille always has these glorious little sew-alongs where you are given a month to sew something according to whatever that sew-along's theme is.
You then post your pics on a dedicated Flickr page where other sewing freaks doing the challenge can Oooo and Arrrr and Drooool over each other's entries.
Like I need any encouragement to sew
The latest one is "Spring for Cotton".
What is Spring For Cotton?
It’s a self guided, non-competitive, vintage inspired sewing challenge. Choose a decade (1920s – 70s) and sew a garment inspired by that era. The challenge is, you can ONLY use 100% cotton!
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what to sew???!!!
So many things I want to sew!
So many potential projects!
Time to consult my gazillion photos on my Pinterest inspiration boards
I sew about 99.9% of my things out of cotton anyways because
A. It's so fucking hot about 10 months of the year.
B. I'm terrified to sew with any fancy schansey fabrics
C. It's fucking cheap.
So I decided to sew a frock AND to do it in a colour I would not normally wear
........   GREEN.
Off I dashed to Spotties when they were having a *hyperventilates* 40 per cent off EVERYTHING sale, where I proceeded to spend all my 'healthcare' money that I had allocated to fixing my dodgy back on deliciously wonderful fabric !!
The fabric I chose for my frock was from the quilting cottons, is a lovely soft cotton and was (with the sale) only $10 a metre & I only needed 2 1/2 metres!!!
It only took me about a week to sew doing about an hour a night after din dins & feeding the moggy.
It was really easy.... even for me!
The only kind of tricky bit is the neck line & to be honest I'm not super happy with how it sits...
It's a bit... well... boofy.

Show us ya mirror selfie!!!

And surprise surprise green actually doesn't look too band on the old girl!
It feels really comfy on as the cotton has a bit of 'give'.