Monday, September 14, 2015


I know I know I know. I've been a slack-arse bitch with my blog but I've been a busy little beaver I tell yas. Holy bloody hell.
So anyways..........
 August 31 through to September 2 was my favourite weekend of the year
or GREAZEMAS as I heard somebody call it.
What can I say?
Airstream Events Group Pty Ltd
As usual the weekend was a blur of hugs, bum gropes, non-stop chatting, awesome coffee, freaking amazing music and a gazillion selfies.
I actually was a bit slack with the selfies this year because I was simply too busy talking the leg off an iron pot, dancing, talking shit, drinking 5000 cups of coffee and laughing.
One of the music highlights for me this year were Labretta Suede & the Motel 6 from New Zealand.
Wow Wow Fucking Wow. A mix of the Cramps, Wanda Jackson and some sort of voodoo garage rockabilly blues raw fuck music .
Mz Suede was one little throbbing pocket rocket of pure oozing SEX.  I'm not sure the crowd at 1pm on a Sunday arvo knew quite what to make of this little sex kitten with the bullshit huge voice crawling across the floor performing fellatio to the microphone and then grinding her lady parts into it. (the expressions on some of the older rock n roller audience members was frigging priceless)
I fucking LOVED IT. I really hope they tour again but by themselves.
They left me feeling all a bit flushed and .... well..... warm...
(video care of : )

The next highlight for me was at the very end of the weekend. About 80 per cent of the punters had gone home and only a few Greazefest devotees remained for the final band The Back Alley Cats from the Sunshine Coast.
Now I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but when these three young whipper snappers came out onto the stage I admit I did a bit of a Simon Cowell and looked at hubby with a "what the heck is this?"
Then they began to play.................................
There was a collective GASP from the remaining audience as jaws around the room clanged onto the floor. HOLY. SHIT.
These three fellas were fucking incredible. We all ran to the stage and went beserk!
I looked around the room at some of the more 'mature' musicians in the audience and they were losing their shit about how phenomanl a guitarst the lead singer is, how great the drummer is and how brilliant the bass player is . I mean, how old are these fellas? 17???
I immediately ran to their mech girl & bought their EP.

(video care of: )
What a great way to end another rip-snorta of a GF weekend
I've also got to mention just how great the Go-Getters from Sweden and Will and the High Rollers from Las Vegas were. I mean seriously. My calf muscle have only JUST recovered from all that jumping up and down and screaming. Geez Louise!! We are just SO lucky to have this festival and the privilege of seeing such awesome national & international rockabilly music right here in Brisbane.........
to top it all off I won the Greazefest raffle prize of T-shirts, posters, stickers, a Dickies Voucher AND a fantastic framed print from Brisbane artist Luke Muller.
I know I say it every year but Christ in a side-car Lori Lee you and your crew are just incredible.
Fucking hilarious fun times with my lunatic friends, catching up with gorgeous people from all over Australia and over the ditch from NZ, the coolest cars like totally ever, brilliant clothing stalls and best of all,  the most kick-arse rockabilly music line up.
Thank you so much. I can't wait until 2016.
Now more importantly

Friday night - Western Wear (courtesy of Bernie Cowpunkabilly) with the lads

The Western Wear aficionados

Saturday - home made half circle skirt and peasant blouse

Saturday night - Western wear from Bernie Cowpunkabilly and home-made fringed skirt
Pictured with Mimsy from Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo - homemade sarong dress.
Now to start planning NEXT YEAR'S wardrobe.