Sunday, January 31, 2016



Thanks to A Stitching Odyssey I have a fantastic excuse to sew even 
MORE outfits this year!!!!!


I, Vicki of Rayon Dreams do pledge that in this year 2016 I will sew my little stubby fingers to the bone whipping up more vintage inspired frocks, skirts and blouses than I will ever hope to wear in a lifetime.

I pledge to always favour the rational choice of fabric when confronted with the decision between saving money for 'important' things like food or bills or getting that 50% off sale cotton sateen.

I pledge to spend copious amounts of time surfing Pinterest for inspiration thus increasing my FABRIC LOVE board from 311 pins to 3000 pins.

I pledge to constantly drive my husband bat shit crazy by babbling about new Michael Miller, Cotton+Steel and reproduction feed sack styles.

I pledge to anger all of my friends & family by continuing to ignore their pleads to mend or sew them any clothes because I am making YES ANOTHER shirtwaist dress.

I pledge to practice voluntary deafness when my husband wails "How many novelty print skirts can you have?! Are you only going to wear your things ONCE?!  You don't NEED anymore fabric!!"


If you want to join in just go to