Monday, September 16, 2013

GRAMMAR: The Difference between knowing Your Shit and You're Shit

Firstly, could I please draw your attention to a brand new fandangled feature on my blog.
The YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: doovy whatzit under each blog post! *
This will allow you to quickly zip back in time and have a gander at some of my posts from days of yore. Thrilling shit I'm sure you'll agree! *may contain traces of things that you may not actually like

OK moving on......

I have a real passion for words and in particular ETYMOLOGY.
No I do NOT like cutting open giant cockroaches or pinning butterflies to bits of corkboard.
I'm not talking ENTOMOLOGY.
Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time.

For example:  THROW IN THE TOWEL (an expression I tend use a lot)
:  The reference is to the sponges used to cleanse combatants' faces at prize fights. One contestant's manager throwing in the sponge would signal that as that side had had enough the sponge was no longer required. In recent years, towels have been substituted for sponges at fights, and consequently in the expression too.

I've started listening to a podcast on my drive home. It is from 612 ABC radio called "A Word in Your Ear" with Professor Roly Sussex.

May I say "I am hooked obsessed, addicted & enamoured".
This is the link:

I am fascinated by words and have a number of favourite words.

- maelstrom
- onomatopoeia
- succulent
- succubus
- haberdashery
- gallivant

I love discovering new exciting words & learning more about grammar. It turns out that I have been misusing apostrophes. I was always taught that if a name ends in S then when you are talking ownership, the apostrophe goes AFTER. Not so says Rowly!
eg:  Mrs Hooks cushion
 I thought was Mrs Hooks' cushion BUT NO it is Mrs Hooks's cushion!

I've also decided that I have been using the word AWESOME way too much and the phrase ALL OF A SUDDEN.  From now on you will see my blog is peppered with fancy words such as astonishing, brilliant, wondrous and stupefying.
Don't worry I shall be continuing to use my age old favourite words such as Fuck, Shit, Dag, Grouse and Bum.

A quick gym tale

Yesterday I was at the gym doing my cardio (I neglected to do my SSS on the weekend... I know I know) and when I was finished I lay on a mat in the far corner of the gym, doing my best to hide behind the torture device otherwise known as the Cross fit machine.  I was covered in a thin film of sweat & was focusing on stretching out my abs like a cat on a driveway. I lay on my back inhaling deeply & repeating my post workout affirmation "What's for tea tonight? Did I defrost the fish?"
I opened my eyes and screamed
"HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at top note.
The Mighty Wez was hovering over me staring down at me like a staffie looking at a grisle covered bone .
"JESUS CHRIST!" I once again shrieked.
The Might Wez slapped me on the shoulder (almost dislocating it), smiled & spoke
" Keep it up Soldier" then then walked away.
I hurriedly gathered up my things & power walked to the toilet to check my daks.



  1. I love a good word... my fave? BEHOOVE.... such a superior word. My least fave? SLACKS... like fingernails down a chalkboard. nxx

    1. BEHOOVE That's a great one. I had to look up its meaning: to be necessary or proper for.
      I shall endeavour to use it in conversation this week!

    2. SLACKS? I quite like slacks. It reminds me of that skit with Tony Martin & Mick Molloy when they go to the shop STACKS OF SLACKS.

  2. One of my favourite words is MOLE, I use it all the time. (example: Game on, Mole)I also like the term 'gallivant', especially when I am wearing pearls.
    I am a chronic abuser of the term 'awesome' and use it far too much. I'm trying to stop, really...

    1. MOLE is one of my favs too. I also like SCRUBBER.
      I use AWESOME and FABULOUS way too much

  3. Have you heard of these guys - Exciting website, I must admit!

  4. “Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” Spencer W Kimball, the twelfth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    You can use awesome all you want, it's f*** that grates on my nerves.

    1. You'd best not be following MY blog then Ralph