Sunday, November 2, 2014

Remember - It's always Fashionable to Look your Best - - - Edith Head

Feeding my sewing addiction like a crack-ho in a bus depot toilet, my pupils dilated and my heart starting beating in excitement as I saw the ReproDepot fabric I had my eye on for months was now reduced to $5 a metre!!!!  A super soft cotton in red with gorgeous pastal blue & white flowers.
I knew EXACTLY the frock to make!!
The Butterick B6055.
The one with the freaking adorable pockets!!


I found this pattern to be pretty easy to make. I stuffed up a bit on the collar and collar facings but you'd need to look pretty close at the base of my neck to see it and frankly if you are staring at my nape that closely I don't want you near me .. you bloody creep.

The pockets are SQUEAL worthy cute and I have decided that I will be adorning many a skirt with them in the future.

The only other hassle was that when I finished it,  I was like C3PO from Star Wars and could not lift my arms above shoulder height. This is NO GOOD for a dame like me who likes to dance BABY!

GUSSET *giggle*
After initially over-reating and screaming "It's shit It's all shit!" I decided to contact my mentors on my Facebook sewing Guild THOSE DARN SEW & SEWS. I was instructed by those clever dick seamstresses on how to do a "diamond gusset". It was a bit tricky to master & looks a bit messy but once again, hopefully no weirdos are going to be staring at my armpits too much. 

Then it was time for the belt. Firstly, it was too short so I added to the length (I didn't have enough material to redo it) .. then it was way too long so I had to cut some off. Geez Louise!
Then I got hubby to help me with my new belt eyelet hole punchy hammer thingy.. That was fun!  You can hardly see where I extended it unless you are ogling my waist intently (that's it I'm calling the police)

Finally the bloody thing was done!!  I gave it a washing then a good pressing and well, it's come up very noice if I do say so myself! A nice floral cotton perfect for a Queensland spring!
Hard to see in this pic but trust me they are adorable
How Spring fresh !!!

Alright OOGLE away ya bloody weirdo
I feel that I am starting to move (slightly) away from buying VINTAGE to preferring to make my own clothes from vintage/repro patterns. At least I know they will fit me and plus I really like the feeling of wearing something that I have made myself.

My next sewing project has ALREADY started.
A Sew-along with the stunning Beccie of  SEW RETRO ROSE.
A massive number (about 100 or MORE!) of us sewing divas are making a SWIRL dress
(something I admit I had never heard of before) all together at the same time.
It is super duper exciting as it has involved printing out the pattern, sticking it together and resizing it! So keep your eyeballs peeled for that!!!