Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I always feel like.... somebody's watching me...

I'm not sure what happened but the Gods of Blogger removed my blog claiming I had breached or violated somebody or something. I had to wait until the panel (which I envisioned to be very similar to X-Factor) to give me 3 ticks to say that yes I am ok and no I am not publishing anything hard-core like people rooting iguanas or people eating poo.
I have NO IDEA why my blog was removed. Maybe somebody was offended by the pasty white skin in the pin up shots of me in my smalls or maybe Mishy didn't like me promoting her program or maybe someone got the shits with my constant spamming of Facebook with links to my blog or maybe somebody has created a new rule about how many 'selfie' pics one person can put on their page.
You will notice that I have removed all links to external sites just in case this was the reason for the tribe voting me off Survivor Blogger. sigh.
Thankfully you can all sigh a big breath of relief for I have been allowed by the almighty big brother blogger powers that be to continue with my blatherings about completely boring shit.
Stay tuned in my next blog post as I relate to you tales of my anxiety over choosing a new fabric softner fragrance.
Rivetting stuff.

PS: Thank you almighty blogger admin for letting my blog continue. You are obviously VERY wise & EXTREMELY attractive people who smell divine and have wonderful taste.


  1. wtf vicki
    oops, maybe shouldnt use the f word even in its simplest form.....Why would they, how rude, and yet, how naughty you must have been lolol.
    So glad you are back, and so glad you werent lost for ever, cos how would I have got my weekly dose of drvelling responses.
    Hmmm, wonder who took offense!!!!
    Anyway, I have decided not to do 12WBT again either, but will devote myself to giving my gym all my worldly goods, and hopefully half of my physique as well!!
    So stay here beeeaattccchhh - or we will lose touch !!!!

  2. That's crazy!! Glad you're back on the.. Um interwebs hehe :)

  3. fanks guys for sticking around.
    I would LOVE to know what the problem was.
    I reckon it was to do with a certain weight loss program and it's admin. Not naming any names of course.
    Now back to lifes important decisions.... Lemon Tuna or Mango curry. Hmmmmmm

  4. So pleased you have made it back Miz V ... I really look forward to your gorgeous dose of reality :-)

  5. Sooo pleased you are back!! Almost had a heart attack when I couldn't get my weekly fix of your blog!!!

  6. HAHAHA Thanks Jules & Spudsmum!
    Thanks for tuning in :)

  7. I'm so glad you're back! You don't know me but I've been stalking your blog for ages :) love it.