Monday, October 9, 2017

Look at her. She looks like she washes her hair in streams and milks things. - Black Books


I open the door and there is a youngish man from some courier company with a largish box in hands.

"Sign here" he mumbles.

He is barely down the steps when I eagerly slash into the box like a crazed killer from an Eighties horror film.  

They have arrived.  

Spotlight Stores have ever so generously sent me a big box of the new range of the International Sewing Starlet Gretchen Hirsch's (aka Gertie) fabric line. 

I hold the fabric to my heaving chest and stifle a sob of joy.  So much loveliness.
I whisper "Welcome Home". 

I decided that my first frock make from the pile of divines should be a Hawaiian rayon frock due to the fact that I will get heaps of wear from it because of our unbearable fucking horrid humid bullshit summer/spring/autumn heat.
I wanted something flouncy and light so I chose this fake wrap dress from Simplicity.

I will say it was an easy to intermediate pattern to make and the advice I would give to anyone making this is WATCH THE SIZING. I followed the sizing on the pattern and still had to take it in 2 inches on EACH SIDE.  The end result though, was great.

Gertie's rayons are just wonderful and soft but still have enough weight in them to give a beautiful drape.  The tropical hibiscus & pineapple print is super bright and again, suits a Queensland summer.
I am a sucker for anything with those fluttery sleeves, especially because of the ole 'tuckshop' arm thing, plus they are comfy 
(which as I'm getting older seems to be becoming more & more important).

The perfect accessory - hair flower from Kat's Cadillac Vintage

I couldn't wait to wear my new creation so I was stoked when the bullshit amazing Rewind Mid-Century at Shorncliffe announced that they were having a huge garage sale.  Because of my insane sewing & clothes buying addiction I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many clothes to sell and they agreed to let me have a stand. 

Holy moley the sale was MASSIVE and I reckon about 300 people came through the doors in the first 2 hours alone!!   I sold a fair bit of stuff but to be honest I had a great day just drinking coffee and chatting to the punters coming through. 
I met a STACK of great people and even added a couple to my FB and Instagrams to stay in touch!  I had a great pozzy out of the sun and with a frigging glorious breeze off the water.
There was so much AMAZING things for sale and all for great prices. 

I told myself that I was banned from buying ANYTHING!
then I saw this 4 metres of new hawaain rayon for only $20.
Seriously, it would have been CRIMINAL to just LEAVE it there!

After the sale was over I wandered over to the main shop.
If you are into Mid-Century Modern and you haven't been to Rewind you need your head read. First time visitors, be prepared to hyperventilate upon entering the main doors.
If I won lotto and had a lovely open plan home I would just go straight into Rewind and go 
I could just LIVE at Rewind.
Holy shit. So much incredible amazing beautiful pieces.

I REALLY wanted the concrete cockatoo

I managed to snaggle Collette the boss-lady to take some snazzy pics of me in my fancy frock posing against various incredible furniture pieces.
I liked sitting on the lounges and pretending for a moment that I was in my ultimate dream home.

I got a lot of compliments on the dress which was noice.  This pattern will definitely be going into my 'Will Sew Again" drawer.
I am super excited to have been chosen by Spotties to trial the awesome Gertie fabrics and I am already onto frock #2 which will be a sexy little number made from cotton sateen navy with pinky/red roses. 

If there are any OTHER fabric companies out there who would like to send me samples of fabric and have me make them up into something fabulous just contact me.
Just sayin'
hint hint

Rewind Mid Century - Sinbad St, Shorncliffe