Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The future's so bright... I gotta wear Shades. I gotta wear Shades.

When I did my nudey-patoody weigh in this morning I was disappointed. I have stayed the same weight.
I'm STILL 88.9KG. Bloody hell.
"Oh well" I sighed " I suppose I'd better do my measurements".
I have lost 2cm of the boobey-loobies (ay carumba), 8 cm off my waist (gadzooks!) and 6cm off my hips (sufferin cats!) in one month.
My biceps have increased by 1cm which means I am becoming totally freakin' ripped dude.
My stupid thighs are still the same though. Stupid thigh fat. *shakes toned fist at legs*
I've had people comment that they can see it in my face that I am losing weight.
Maybe I should start to measure the circumference of my face around my huge Bert Newton cheeks as well.

Super Saturday Red-Face
Well this is certainly the motivation I need to continue with my 12wbt.
Even though on Sunday I ate 4 pieces of peperoni pizza that was greasier than rockabilly's pillowcase and drank my body weight in Merlot. I prayed to the porcelain god to forgive me later that night.
I was NOT forgiven.
I will prevail.

Only Healthy Clean Foods in the fridge
I am starting to get those little polite nods from the other fitness fanatics (that's what I like to call myself now) at the gym. They give me the little nod that says "Oh Hi. You're here again. With Us. Working Out. Making ourselves buff & awesome. Only 15 more cm & you might be one of us. Welcome to the Club."
Either that or it is a nod that they are thinking "Oh my god here comes that poor unfortunate girl with the funny curl thing in her hair that turns bright red after 5 minutes & grunts in agony while doing bicep curls with only 5 KILOS. giggle. Oh shit I made eye contact. Just smile & turn away quickly".
One day I will be like them.
Lean & Strong Baby.
But with better hair.
weird knee redness after doing a gazzilion push-ups. This pic was taken 2 HOURS later!


  1. Wow, you gotta be happy with 8 cm off the waist!Payoff!

  2. Congrats! I got the same - inches off my waist and hips and SADLY my boobs (at a B cup I can't afford to lose it!), but added to my biceps. Clearly we shall be busting out like the Hulk soon.

  3. Go Vicki go!! You're obviously converting fat to muscle at this stage...way to go!! P.S. can you pls get rid of your word verification, ta.

  4. Well done. mat next time for the pushups my dear