Thursday, March 1, 2012

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! -Lucy Van Pelt

Yesterday I succumbed to temptation.
Before I continue I really must inform you of my list of excuses:
1. I have been quite stressed out - Upcoming fundraiser, money, Dad health issues & no grog
2. I was tired
3. I was hungry
4. It was a new sort of chocolate.
I stopped to get fuel yesterday arvo. As I lingered inside I thought "Corrr I could go an icy cold Coke Zero Vanilla" so I grabbed one. As I approached the counter I caught a glimpse of a shiny packet out of the corner of my eye. A NEW SORT OF CHOCKIE BAR!
Let me tell you. I love chocolate. Particularly those Lindt choc balls ones. Holy Moley they are like a tasty version of meth to me. My eyes literally roll back in my head with ecstasy when I eat one. Bliss.
The people at Cadbury totally have a sucker in me. I am immediately sucked in whenever they release a new sort of chocolate. It could be the same old bar but WITH ADDED brasil nuts & I will just HAVE to try it.
When Cherry Ripe came out and the only thing that had changed was they made the chocolate darker I shivered in anticipation. Ooooooo new chockie.
Whether it is Aero Bars with EVEN MORE AIR! or Snickers with NEW IMPROVED bits of crunchy stuff.
It's like I am dragged in by it's Star Trek-like tractor beam.
So yesterday I was mesmorized by the new Picnic with COOKIES!!!!
That chocolate bar was obliterated before I got to the end of the driveway.
1021 KJ.... I LOOKED IT UP.
What a dickhead.
Surely a person can stuff up ONCE and not feel like a total failure.
All this hard work down the tube ..................
Geez I'm so HANGING for a drink of Merlot. Like an alcoholic fangs for the grog..........
hang on............
Elvis give me strength.


  1. Well, i think you've done bloody well so far (respec!), and the odd slip can be corrected by returning to the path - don't beat yourself up about it.I agree too that chocolate (and cheese, and grog) are some of the hardest things to forgo while losing weight.

  2. Important Q - was it any good?

    I too am a sucker for a new chocky. the deal I have with myself is I can buy the new chocky, but I only get one bite, then DH eats the rest. I have the vanilla mars in my pantry just waiting...

  3. Your face is looking slimmer. Just sayin'