Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let the Bodies Hit the Floooooooorrrrr!

Last night was crazy SPIN class night.
Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) the usual bionic lady PT was away. She was replaced by Intense Serious PT lady.
Just when I thought that there was NO way this class could ever get any harder ISPT made it so.
She introduced a new form of torture where you only lift your arse off the seat a little bit & then peddle like the billy-os. This move introduced my buttocks to a fresh sensation of agony.
I wasnt' a fan of her class. Not just because of the crazy torture-porn type of exercise or her lack of personality or the fact that she insisted on stopping & having us so yoga stretches through-out.
My main gripe was THE MUSIC.
Now I understand that when a rockabilly swing punk ska chick goes to the local modern contemporary gymnasium she cannot expect them to be cranking out the Brian Setzer, Dead Kennedys or Louis Prima.
I expect in a spin class to be subjected to pumped up hard-core thumpy race tracks & techo remixes of the currant spawn of shit that is currently popular on itunes.
This went beyond all of that ear horror. This time my gagging wasn't caused by lactic acid build up in my guts, it was caused by being subjected to the most vomit inducing music I've heard.
Alannah Myles "Black Velvet"
Simon and Garfunkel "Sounds of Silence"
ACDC "Back in Black"
these were just THREE of the songs that had been cut, remixed, resliced, auto-tuned, hip-hopped & technotroniced into the most dreadful sound that could make your ears bleed.
It just cemented my view that when it comes to WORKING OUT. The proper music is ESSENTIAL.
I simply could not muster up any gusto so I kind of apathetically kept cycling.

I still did a rippa of a work-out & burnt 446 calories but at the end of the class I was lack-lustre & couldn't wait to get into the safety cocoon of my car & clean my ear-holes out with some nice clean Bad Manners, Meteors & Nat King Cole.
I've found that I definately exercise (especially when it comes to running) more efficiently with "angry-rip-your-balls-off-with-my-teeth-screw-you-bastard hard core" rock and roll.
Below is my playlist for running.
If you have any other suggestions PLEASE let me know them.
We're Gunna Rock This Town!!!!!!!!


  1. Go Vicki go!!! Man that music is some serious torture you poor thing!!

  2. There is nothing I hate more than a song I hate that has also been remixed!

  3. Hahaha a remix of Alannah Myles Black Velvet! You poor thing!