Saturday, January 7, 2017

This is the Heavy Heavy Monster Sound

So, yawl might remember my blog post about seeing Bad Manners where The Sunny Coast Rude Boys supported.   
How excited was I to find out through the miracle of social media that TSCRB had their very own gig at The Triffid as part of the Rude Boy/Rude Girl Dance Club?!!!

This time I was stoked that hubby came along too.

After some great traditional ska music from DJ Dave Slater it was time show time.

As usual, I was right up the front with a huge goofy smile on my face.
Looking around I was so excited to see the venue was full and the local ska loving community had come out to support the night. 

Well, what can I say?

As usual, TSCRB were brilliant.  So tight and Michael (the lead singer)'s vocals were fantastic.
Even though they are essentially a covers band I love how they put their own spin on a lot of the tunes.  They offer such a variety too.  Gorgeous melodic reggae to traditional ska to knees up nutty ska.   

Looking around the room it was obvious the crowd was LOVING IT and GOING ORRRFF!
A number of times the rude boy skanking next to me would look at me and scream "How fucking great is this??!!!"   I was bouncing up & down and skanking like a crazy woman.

Highlights for me were their cover of Paul Kelly's "Dumb Things" which it turns out is PERFECT for a ska cover,  "Town Like Malice" and needless to say, EVERYBODY lost their shit when they played "One Step Beyond".

Sadly it finally came to an end and I was one VERY sweaty, stinky, aching, sore exhilarated gal.

Now if these guys would just play once a week I would be fit as !!!!

Not only are these guys incredible musicians are are all really friendly and it is obvious they love what they do and are having a great time on stage.  It must be so great to play to a room of people who are passionate about your genre of music.  I know that down in the pit the vibe is just fantastic.

If you are a person who doesn't know what SKA music you really should check it out.
It is FUN music that never fails to put it's listener in a Great mood.

Here's a crowd favourite as a sampler:

Sure my knees, feet and calves feel like I've done the Tough Mudder Course 6 times in a row 
but   SO WORTH IT!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

They don't think it be like it is, but it do. - Oscar Gamble


2016 was a pretty fucking stressful year for me.  

My father finally passed away after succumbing to dementia.  Dementia is a pretty fucking cruel disease.  It's like an alien from some sort of nasty B-Grade horror film.  This creature takes over the host's brain and very gradually eats them alive.  The final 2 months of my father's life was just awful to witness.  He became literally a zombie.  He was dead but his brain was still firing.
My brother and I were with him in his final hours which was a very surreal experience. Such sadness at a life lost and future experiences taken away yet at the same time such relief that it was over for him.  This, combined with the funeral made the first part of my 2016 exhausting emotionally.

Then I left my job after nearly 9 years.
This was an incredibly tough terrifying decision for me but I felt it was time.
Starting a new job in a completely different type of working environment (small business to multinational corporation) , with people you don't know and a system you have never used before was pretty traumatic for me.  It was very much a culture shock. 
I am very fortunate that the girls I work with are so incredibly patient because it was all very overwhelming. My new job is very hectic and you must have superwoman time management and organization skills to do it.  Thankfully, I do have these but it hasn't stopped me having frequent anxiety attacks and depressive episodes.

SO 2017 



If you are friends with me on Facey-Bees you would have seen I watched a documentary called "Embrace" the other night.  I guess you might say I had an epiphany.  

Embrace uncovers why poor body image has become a global epidemic and what women everywhere can do to have a brighter future.

I am so incredibly lucky.  I am healthy. I don't have disease. I am able-bodied. I live in Australia in one of the most beautiful peaceful countries in the world. I am a good, kind, empathetic person.
I have a Pookah, an absolute corker of a husband, a loving family & fantastic friends.  
I am blessed.

So I am a size 18.  So what?!
My boobs are now longer perky and my thighs chaff. I have purple veiny things on my legs and weird skin tag thingys on my neck.  Sure I could stand to be a bit fitter but at the end of the day.... if I am healthy and not on the path to diabetes (which I'm not I've been checked) then the only person who really gives a flying shit about my tummy is ME.

So this year is all about SELF ACCEPTANCE for me.

From my teenage years I have strove to be this unattainable THING. 
To be a size 12.
Thin = happiness.
Healthy = happiness.

I've found that I have started getting depressed looking at Instagram.  The pin-up/vintage girls on there always SEEM to look incredible with their perfect makeup and hair. Their amazing vintage clothes and wasp-waists. They appear to be SO self confident and so self assured. They look fantastic and they know it.   
I NEED to stop comparing myself to this false imagery.
I KNOW that these people take off their make up, brush out their hair and chuck on some tracky-daks and have insecurities just like me.  I know that they have taken 500 photos before choosing that ONE that is 'perfect'.
I never thought that aging would worry me.  I always thought I would NEVER be one of those women who gave a shit about wrinkles and veins.... but lately, to my horror, I have become one.


I am 44 years old.  I am a size 18. I am healthy.


Stop caring what other people think so much. 
People are wrapped up in their own worlds. Stop being so bloody hard on myself. I truly am my own worst enemy.    I constantly worry about what people think and hate the thought that someone doesn't like me or thinks I'm a fuckhead or full of myself because I post selfies.
I will be working on loving myself more.  If people don't like me that is fine and if people reckon I post too many selfies then they can just unfriend me and block me.

Move more.  
No not start some new Couch to 5k or crazy bullshit exercise routine I just KNOW I won't continue after 1 week. 
Just move. W
alk in a park. Swim in the ocean. Play Frisbee. Garden. Walk along the waterfront. 
Just move.

Do heaps of new exciting things.  
Go places I haven't been before.  Do lunch.  Ride a zip-line in the trees.  Go on water slides. Visit the Planetarium. Soak in an onsen. Challenge myself. 

Clean up our house.
De-clutter!!! I have SO much STUFF. Time to get it gone.   
Seriously, how many coffee cups do we REALLY need!!!!
Also, give our house a mini-make over this year. The old girl is starting to look a bit dowdy. 
So bit by bit. Fix up the garden. Weed down the side of the house. Repaint parts. 
A bit of a spruce up is needed.

Sew what you got.
There is a sewing challenge I've been told about that I will be doing.
The next 8 outfits you sew must come from fabric and pattern you already own.  
You can't repeat a pattern and you can't buy any new fabric. It must come from your existing stash.
You can only buy notions.  I don't know what the official hashtag of the challenge is so I've made up my own if you want to join in.

So there you have it.

I'm excited for what this year will have in store for me.  I'm sure whatever comes my way will be exciting and challenging.... but that's OK.

I will be making a point of blogging more this year.  
I find it very cathartic putting my thoughts onto the screen.  
I stopped blogging because, frankly I thought 'nobody gives a fuck about what you're doing Vicki. Why do you think Vicki that people give a shit about what you are dribbling on about... what's the point if nobody's reading".  

Now I will blog for me.  If nobody reads it, that is cool. 
If you do read my shit then I would love you to comment just so I know someone is there LOL


Saturday, October 29, 2016


Today I took a big jump out of my comfort zone and decided to try FLOAT at Lutwyche.

"What the hell is a FLOAT ?" I hear you wail

OK so you pay someone to let you float in a tank of  magnesium-based Epsom salts water in complete & utter darkness and silence for an hour.

"Ummmmm okay why?" I hear you stammer.

Well it's meant to zen you the heck out and relax the hell out of your body.

Now, my problem is this....

I have a bad over active imagination.

So instead of imagining myself floating blissfully like a fetus in embryonic fluid without a care or worry, my mind immediately went to Ryan Reynolds in Buried Alive.

Lovely Vicki brain. Lovely.

I need not have worried. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel really calm and relaxed by Chris the owner.  To help quash any fears, before we went in Chris went through how the whole thing operates and how it is kept mega hygienic. The facility was super clean & I liked that it was very basic without all the hippy wanker stuff like Buddhas bought from Bargain Hut.

After the orientation I was taken to my room. There was a large shower room that was very dark but lit in purple light.  When I saw the door to the float room I have to admit I started having a panic attack. I felt like I was going to start crying and I was shaking.
 Again, the good old Vicki imagination kicked in to over drive because quite frankly, the door looked just like a mortuary door and the room beyond looked was SOOOOOOOOOO dark it was like some sort of gateway to the Upside Down or something out of Stargate.
 (I've read way too many sci-fi novels)

I almost pulled the pin right then & there but Chris (who no doubt has seen this initial reaction a million times) assured me that I can leave the door open a bit to let in some light and it can't lock so I can stop at any time and get the fuck out at any time.

He then squished some ear plugs into my ears and it was time.

I had my required shower, took a big breath & stepped into the room like I was a weird nude astronaut stepping through a time travelling portal to another dimension (shut up Vicki imagination).

I sat in the water which was only about 14 inches deep and let my eyes get used to the room. I lay back and was immediately amazed by the feeling of the 'water'. It is super super salty and I can only describe it as like when you make jelly and it hasn't quite set yet.  It is heated to be the same temperature as your body and felt really nice. I kept my eyes open and focused on the strange feeling of the water.  Then my morbid black humour kicked in and I started giggling because the room looked to me like Dexter's kill room but with thick black plastic instead of clear plastic.  (yes I'm a weirdo)

I began to relax and just be silly by pin balling myself up & down and side to side. This was very fun.

After about 15 minutes I built up the courage to close the door.  I was abruptly plunged into complete & utter darkness.  Crazy dark.
Surprisingly, I was cool with not being able to see my hand in front of my face but the temperature of the air pumped into the room is also body temperature in order for your body to not feel any cold or heat and that DID make me feel suffocated. I am the sort of person who even in winter needs a window open, so I cracked the door again to let in some cool air.

*disclaimer - this is NOT me but it IS what the room looks like

I didn't doze off and I didn't go all zen and shit but I did do mindfulness and focused on my breathing and the sensation of the water which was lovely.  I'm not sure if it was all the magnesium in the water but I found that I REALLY needed to stretch.  "Righto" I thought "if my body is telling me to stretch then I will".  It was very cool doing stretches in super buoyant water.  Suddenly I heard 3 knocks which indicated the end of the hour so I slowly rose up like a fluro white dugong and stepped back out of my tomb.

The water felt all weird &  slimy but after having a really hot shower my skin felt AMAZING.

I thought that I would feel all sleepy afterwards but I found the opposite.  I felt quite energised.

Would I FLOAT again?  

Probably not.  I mean I am really glad I tried it and I was very proud of myself for doing something 'scary'. For me, I prefer a nice massage.

Would I recommend FLOATING to others?

I can totally see how people could really become 'addicted' to floating.
It is relaxing as all get out.  This world is bloody noisy and a sensory overload and I think having a break from all of that is great.
The Big Fella (my husband) LOVED it and will be back for sure.

I liked that Float at Lutwyche was a floating ROOM and not one of those pods.
I don't think I would have gone into a pod.  That would be a bit too Matrix for me.

You should totally try FLOAT.

Vicki rating 4 out of 5 stars

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bad Manners at The Triffid.

My wonderful, sweet amazing husband bought me a ticket to see Bad Manners at The Triffid.

Bad Manners are one of my all time FAVOURITE bands but more importantly they are one of my all time favourite bands to see LIVE.

Visualise about 300 skin heads, rude boys and girls,  punks and average punters all bouncing up and down, arms around each other's shoulders, laughing & singing along to "My Girl Lollipop".
I mean some of these blokes look bloody hard core. 
The fun atmosphere at a ska gig just cannot be beat.

I took along my faux son Tom who was super excited to go as well.

The Triffid is just such a freaking great venue and I was really really happy when I read they would be playing there. The last time I saw BM it was at The Step Inn which was TINY and not much chop.

One thing that I LOVE about going to see old school ska bands like BM is just how friendly the people are that go.  Tom & I grabbed a bite to eat before the show & the table full of rudies next to us just struck up a conversation and soon we were all talking music & shows. 
(turns out they had flown down from Darwin to see the show).  

The first band was the Sunny Coast Rude Boys. HOLY SHIT. They were just incredible. So tight and they played heaps of "ska greatest hits" from Madness & The Specials etc. I would have been happy to watch just them all night. I cannot wait to go and see one of their shows up the Sunshine Coast one day.  The crowd LOVED them & it was obvious they were having a great time themselves.

Sunny Coast Rude Boys
Next up were The Funaddicts, a Brissy ska band that has been around forever. 
The crowd was starting to move closer to the stage now 
(not me, I was up the front right from the get go).  
Again, a great fun band. I must admit, the lead singer reminded me of my Dad 
(this is not a bad thing).  My calf muscles were already starting to burn from skanking. 

The Funaddicts
Then, it was time for the (not so) big man himself.  Now normally at a Bad Manners gig the crowd will start chanting "You Fat Bastard You Fat Bastard!!!" before the band comes out - but Buster (the lead singer) has now lost about 100 kg and he isn't really fat anymore so when some people tried to start the chant the crowd just wasn't into it.  
It was strange because normally that is like a part of the show. But nup.

Then out he came. The mega tongued slimmed down bastard himself and the crowd LOST ITS SHIT.  I was literally front row centre and when the inevitable surge forward came I was braced and ready.  As always they didn't disappoint. Buster's mic kept dropping out which was a piss off but he kept going.  I felt that his voice wasn't so good but no matter, as the crowd did a lot of the singing for him.  I was all smiles and singing at the top of my lungs and trying to bop around as much as I could in the 5cm of space I had.


Then the crowd of young-uns behind us started to get a little bit too 'enthusiastic'. 
There were two 20 something skinhead lads who decided that EVERYBODY should be in a mosh pit instead of skanking and having a good time. It very quickly escalated into a stack of very agro shoving and jumping on to unsuspecting punters (like me). 

Now, I except a bit of push & shove at these gigs but this group weren't interested in the band AT ALL. They just wanted argy bargy. I had to laugh at 3 guys who looked like the Bondi Hipsters chanting "skin head skin head skin head" in their buttoned up chambray shirts, full heads of hair and sockless kmart kung-fu shoes.

I started getting really shitty because dammit I was TRYING to dance & watch the band and this one "skinhead" who had watched Romper Stomper too many times kept smashing into me and at one stage clashed his head into mine and I saw stars.

Well, the angry Mz Vicki came out and so did my pointy elbows and my VERY un-ladylike language.
The other more "mature" ladies next to me did the same and in slightly more direct terms told these blokes to "please calm down & stop pushing us". (we actually screamed "FUCK OFF AND STOP PUSHING US YOU HIPSTER FUCKHEADS). Of course, they looked at us like we were idiot pensioners and continued their assault. My poor ribs were crushed into the stage.  
I kept motioning to the band to try & get security in there but alas.

The final straw was when a young weedy looking skinhead who was covered in tattoos of guns (so tough * face palm* geez) tried to do an AFL mark up the lady next to me & my backs to get onto stage. Even though he was slippery like an eel with sweat we grabbed him & hauled him back & told him to "please go away and stop being silly". 
(We actually screamed in his face to FUCK OFF YOU DICKHEAD).
He grinned and ran around the side of the stage & walked onto stage anyway.
I have NO IDEA where security was during this gig but it was pretty shit.  One young gal behind me fell to the ground and the young skins nearly stomped her.

Enough was enough and I was OUTTA THERE so I quickly elbowed my way through the crowd to the cool space up the back to finish the show.

The other thing  I was really excited about was, that this time Bad Manners had merchandise!! 
For some reason in previous shows they haven't had any.  
I couldn't decide which T-shirt to buy so gosh darn it I had to buy both!!!

Even though there were a couple of wankers it still didn't spoil the night for me.  It is impossible NOT to have a good time at a ska gig and I got to meet a heap of really great friendly people.

Sure, I might have to duck into Terry White to get some osteo-panadol and some Deep heat because my hips & calves aren't what they used to be but it was so worth it.


Sunday, September 25, 2016





You have been like that house visitor that you want to leave but they just keep on sitting on the couch drinking your coffee and won't take the hint to leave. 

2016 The year of the NON-STOP EVERYTHING.


I went to the Miss Fisher Season Three Costume Exhibition and Lawn Picnic.
I was going to do a whole blog post just on that but ..... 2016 happened and well...........
My date was the delightful and divine Sherry Knee.  
The exhibition was bloody fabulous (I know I overuse fabulous but it was). We wanted to touch & caress all the things but Mz Lisa was there to rap people over the knuckles.
Everybody looked INCREDIBLE.  The building (Old Government House) was INCREDIBLE.
I promise I will post more photos in 2017 or 2018 when my life slows down

GOT CALLED UP FOR JURY DUTY for the first time in my life.
I only had to go in for one day & they DID call my name.
I had to go into the courtroom. 
Surprisingly, given my shady past this was my first time in a courtroom.  
40 of us lined up & then they called 12 numbers out of us to be the jurors.
The whole time I was standing there I felt so sick & thought I was going to throw up.
The case was a real yucky one involving young boys. HORRIBLE JUST HORRIBLE.
I was standing there sweating & trying not to hyperventilate repeating "please don't pick me Please don't pick me." Thankfully they didn't & I could go home. Phew.
Bloody missed out on the free lunch though. Bugger.


I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY need to do a blog post just about my favourite weekend of the year.
As always, the bands were fucking fantastic!!! 
JOHN LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GAWD. OH. MY GAWD.

THE RHYTHM SHAKERS lead singer made me question my sexual orientation . 
Oh MY pass the smelling salts did someone say HUBBA HUBBA!
The new venue took a bit of getting used to but the entertainment & the fact that my bunch of nut bag friends could have a ball in a blank concrete room made the weekend AWESOME as usual.

I have been social media mates with Joy for AGES and we've often thought we were separated at birth.  Well, it's like we've 'known' each other for years. 
Funny as a fit. Mental. FABulous and gorgeous. So awesome. 
Did I mention funny?

My FANCY DRESS CHARITY DISCO 2016 for beyondblue.
Yes yes yes I will do a blog post fully dedicated to this soon.
We raised $4900 and everyone had the BEST time.
The costumes were bullshit good. So so so so good.



Went to see the live recording of one of my favourite podcasts The Dollop at The Power House with some of my special lads.  It was so great & hilarious. The subject was William Bligh which I already had a fair bit of knowledge about so I knew it would be good. 
They didn't disappoint.

Anyone who knows me, knows that me & the heat do NOT get on. 
The normally lovely happy Mz Vicki transforms into a bleached blonde albino version of The Hulk in summer. So Mr Hardly Normal was having one of his 500 years interest free things so I stomped my widdle foot and exclaimed "That. Is. it!" 
Besides the day I met The Big Fella, the day the air con was installed was the happiest day of my life.
It's so beautiful. So so beautiful



A bunch of the Brisbane chapter of my FB sewing group got together for coffee and scones to chat all things fabric.  After a delicious brunch we headed to what I will now call UTOPIA or East Coast Fabrics where my brain exploded with excitement at all the fantastic fabrics at only $5.95 A METRE.
I almost had an anxiety attack because the choice was so overwhelming. I will never shop anywhere every again. INCREDIBLE.
Did I buy any fabric?  hahahahahahhahahahah


I have had the two gals I work with off (one honeymooning and the other really crook) so it has been just me & the boss lady.  It has been full on.  I have surprised myself though with how much I have handled it all. I'm pretty proud of myself but I've been getting home so mentally exhausted that I just don't want to think about ANYTHING. 
I even watched ONE episode of the Bachelor. That's how zombifried my brain has been.

Only 3 months left.............

Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 - SETTLE DOWN .

Ok so it's been 5 months since my last post. I know. I know.
But 2016 has decided to be a real doozy and I am only JUST feeling back to my NORMAL zany self.

I finally left my job of 8 1/2 years and started a new job in a very different working environment than I am used to. 

A friend alerted me to a Seek job ad in the same industry I had been working in but instead of it being an hour drive to get to work, this new job is about a 3 MINUTE DRIVE!!!
It was a super terrifying decision to be made know comfort zones and all that ...
The interview process was bloody weird. Phone interview then interviewed by a computer. 
YES A COMPUTER. Then face to face.  Talk about nerve wracking. Considering I've only been to two job interviews in the last 16 years.
Me after my phone interview. Yes. I have no shoes on. I'm surprised I'm wearing pants.

The last 3 months in my new role has been....... well.......... challenging.

To be honest I started having panic attacks again and wasn't coping very well with the stress of it all.
They must have thought I was amazing & super woman because they gave me the workload of about 4 people. HOWEVER, sanity finally prevailed and I think they finally noticed the nervous tic in my temple and my constant hand wringing and possibly my hyperventilating and they reduced my workload from INSANE to just Stressful.  I am finally finding my mojo there and are settling in.
I'm very lucky though because the chicks I work with are bloody rad. Thank goodness.

My previous workmates were sad to see me go but not surprised. I hope my replacement is coping OK since my boss only gave me 4 DAYS to train her. Poor bugger.

Never have to walk up these steps again.

My father passed away after battling dementia for the last 4 years at the age of 65.

Even though we knew the path he was headed, the disease took him very swiftly in the end. In the last 12 months he went from knowing who we are and still being able to function albeit with help, to being a walking (shuffling) husk of a man. It is simply devastating to see. In the end he could no longer swallow or really walk. The light really had vanished from his eyes.... literally a case of the lights are on but nobody is home. Pneumonia took him (which is apparently very common with dementia as your brain literally forgets how to fight infection). 
My brother & I were with him. It was terrible and at times strangely humourous. We played him Billy Joel and gave him shit. I hope he knows that he wasn't alone and that he was loved.
The funeral & wake were very sad but also wonderful. He was a bit of a local personality and the Grand Hotel was filled with laughter (& tears) as everyone recalled funny tales of Spike (my Dad's nickname). A group of wives of his mates donated all the food and prepared and served it. 
I cannot thank them enough.
I'm not sure when you stop grieving. If ever.  But I'm happy that Spike has escaped his awful prison and is up on the big golf course in the sky

I was bitten by a white tail spider and my leg erupted into a volcano of bright egg yolk yellow pus.
IMPORTANT NOTE; Do NOT Google image search white tail spider bites..... especially AFTER being bitten by one. The doctor said I was lucky to be bitten on the calf muscle where there is lots of muscle of for the flesh eating poison to go into. Awesome. It actually didn't hurt much at all. It felt kind of like I had been burnt. It was fucking NASTY though. 
2 months of some serious antibiotics and it's all good now.


I went on a big family holiday for Mick's dad's 60th birthday to FIJI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was so great and so much fun! I had a ball! The Warwick hotel we stayed at was like something out of a movie. Just beautiful. And the Fijian people are so friendly .
Massage, mock tails by the pool, yummy food, crazy driving Fijian jungle men!

Saw CHRIS ISAAK with the girls at Sirromet Winery. It was freaking fantastic. 
That man.... oh my ..... he is just so handsome & dreamy. 
James Reyne who supported him was also brilliant.
Thanks to Mz Sheri and her VIP insurance we scored a freaking rad spot too! 
I think this is when the spider bit me but I was too busy jumping up & down screaming 


Joey & Juniors wedding reception

Melly's 40th gangster party. FO SHIZZIL

My faux son Tom's amazing fundraiser night -
The DV DDT is a wrestling themed punk show that will be raising money for DV Connect- a QLD state-wide phone support service offering assistance, advice, support and counselling to females, males, children, and pets in households affected by domestic violence. 

Did the 5km walk to raise money for Alzheimer Australia

Tiki Day at Outre Gallery West End

Film Noir Swing dance night the the Old Queensland Museum

And of course, I have also been sewing up a storm.

I wonder what the next 6 months has up it's sleeve eh?