Sunday, September 8, 2013

The most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you if you just lower your expectations.” - Phil Dunphy

Well it's only taken 3 weeks, 2 trips to the after hours doctors, 5000 Codral tablets and 100 Sudafeds (approximately) but my bronchies have finally cleared up and I'm almost back to my normal zanzy self again.
I'm expecting a letter any day now from Mr Terry White to thank me for covering his mortgage repayments for the next month!
Geez Louise I've never had a lurgy hang on like this one. Total & utter bastard.

So I am back on track .....
I joined one of those 24/7 gyms a month ago. I joined a gym?  Yes I joined a gym.... shut up.

It's one of those no-nonsense gyms with shit loads of equipment and fancy treadmills that you can even log onto your face book on the screen while you are sprinting! It has 'around the world' running simulators so you can pretend you are jogging along Venice beach instead of staring out the window at the bogans in their hotted up Skylines sitting in the Subway car park.
The bloke who runs the gym is ... to put it bluntly... fucking scary. He is cut as. I think he is some sort of MMA champ and looks like he may have been a punk skinhead in the day. I call him Mighty Wez after the big dude in Mad Max. I avoid eye contact with him because before I got sick, I was doing some squats when he came striding over to me and boomed " No no no. It's better to get ya bloody technique right then waste bloody time doin' it wrong!"
"mmmmkay" I whimpered while I thumbed my earphones nervously.
"Permission to touch?" he ordered
"yes?" I squeaked
He then grabbed my waist and showed me how to do the squat properly.
"Remember it!" he barked & strode back to a cowering girl who was about to start a PT session with him.
I nearly answered "YES SIR SARGENT SIR!" but instead whispered meekly "k".

The 12wbt is now up to week five so I am behind a bit but that's OK. Each week I have printed out the workouts.  Today I will start at the beginning.  Week One Day One.
I even splashed out & got myself some swish new (freaking expensive) joggers that are all hip & cool colours so I am now trendy. (not really as I mostly only ever wear black 3/4 pants with a ratty over sized black band T-shirt & a scowl when I exercise).

I've been pretty good with my food & on the weekend thought I would try out a couple of recipes from the I Quit Sugar website.  I thought about completely cutting out sugar from my diet but then quickly gave myself an upper-cut and a stern talking to. As IF I could ever live a life without delightful sweeties.
And seriously, what is the point of LIVING if you can't have (as a treat of course *cough*) some sort of disgustingly rich desert dripping with cream & calories?!!
Also, I love fruit so .... BUGGER THAT.
However, I DO love trying new recipes & if I can find a healthy(ish) alternative than I'll give it a crack.  So I made COPHA FREE chocolate crackles & raspberry ripple .
Here are the links:

So easy to make & so so yum
The raspberry ripple is very very rich but tastes like a cherry ripe.
Next time I will blend up the berries a bit & pore the mixture into chocolate moulds. The chocolate crackles were awesome. Not sweet but still chocolaty. I took them all to a family picnic on Sunday & the family devoured them.
They got a BIG thumbs up from the 9 year old & 7 year old nieces too!

I look forward to trying some more recipes from the website. I like looking for healthier sweet alternatives to my usual Neenish tart or Cadbury-whatever-I-lay-my-hand-on-first sugar (emotional eating) fixes.

Today I had the most delicious lunch from the 12wbt recipes.
Chicken Salad with grapes, walnuts & feta. I just LOVE a nice clean salad & the weather is now getting warmer so I will be eating lots more. I am a particular fan of fruit in salads too.

If you have any recipes PLEASE share them with me!
I'm so excited that SPRING is here!!
I have a stack of exciting things coming up in the following months that I can't wait to share with you.
Mz V


  1. Hi Vicki,
    I love reading your blog so I have nominated your blog for a Leibster Blog Award. It's a great way to meet new bloggers and connect. Read more here:
    I look forward to seeing if participate. I hope you do.

    1. OMG Thanks! I'm so flattered! Leave it with me & I will answer your questions & forward it on :)

  2. Oh gosh that does sound scary! but at the same time your gym sounds awesome!! I've never heard of treadmills with Facebook or the around the world running simulators! That sounds like amazing fun.

    Your desserts look amazing! They are low sugar but how are they in calories?

    Very best wishes on continuing your journey! I'm a week behind so we can be slightly askew on the program together :P

    1. low in sugar yes... high in calories .... PROBABLY! lol
      I'm not game to calculate the calories !!!!

  3. What a beautiful photo of you and your man there Vicki. You really just light up any photo you are in. Jeepers and I thought our treadys were high tech that we could plug our ipod and movie into it and watch a movie while running. Sounds like fun.

    My fave 12wbt recipe we have that often I don't even need to check the recipe now (so from the top of my head I can't think of it's name) is the one with the lamb, beans, feta, pinenuts, roasted pumpkin and coriander. Weird combo but it works deliciously well.


    1. Awwww Carole you are too kind.
      Oh that recipe sounds awesome I love anything with feta in it!