Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 - SETTLE DOWN .

Ok so it's been 5 months since my last post. I know. I know.
But 2016 has decided to be a real doozy and I am only JUST feeling back to my NORMAL zany self.

I finally left my job of 8 1/2 years and started a new job in a very different working environment than I am used to. 

A friend alerted me to a Seek job ad in the same industry I had been working in but instead of it being an hour drive to get to work, this new job is about a 3 MINUTE DRIVE!!!
It was a super terrifying decision to be made know comfort zones and all that ...
The interview process was bloody weird. Phone interview then interviewed by a computer. 
YES A COMPUTER. Then face to face.  Talk about nerve wracking. Considering I've only been to two job interviews in the last 16 years.
Me after my phone interview. Yes. I have no shoes on. I'm surprised I'm wearing pants.

The last 3 months in my new role has been....... well.......... challenging.

To be honest I started having panic attacks again and wasn't coping very well with the stress of it all.
They must have thought I was amazing & super woman because they gave me the workload of about 4 people. HOWEVER, sanity finally prevailed and I think they finally noticed the nervous tic in my temple and my constant hand wringing and possibly my hyperventilating and they reduced my workload from INSANE to just Stressful.  I am finally finding my mojo there and are settling in.
I'm very lucky though because the chicks I work with are bloody rad. Thank goodness.

My previous workmates were sad to see me go but not surprised. I hope my replacement is coping OK since my boss only gave me 4 DAYS to train her. Poor bugger.

Never have to walk up these steps again.

My father passed away after battling dementia for the last 4 years at the age of 65.

Even though we knew the path he was headed, the disease took him very swiftly in the end. In the last 12 months he went from knowing who we are and still being able to function albeit with help, to being a walking (shuffling) husk of a man. It is simply devastating to see. In the end he could no longer swallow or really walk. The light really had vanished from his eyes.... literally a case of the lights are on but nobody is home. Pneumonia took him (which is apparently very common with dementia as your brain literally forgets how to fight infection). 
My brother & I were with him. It was terrible and at times strangely humourous. We played him Billy Joel and gave him shit. I hope he knows that he wasn't alone and that he was loved.
The funeral & wake were very sad but also wonderful. He was a bit of a local personality and the Grand Hotel was filled with laughter (& tears) as everyone recalled funny tales of Spike (my Dad's nickname). A group of wives of his mates donated all the food and prepared and served it. 
I cannot thank them enough.
I'm not sure when you stop grieving. If ever.  But I'm happy that Spike has escaped his awful prison and is up on the big golf course in the sky

I was bitten by a white tail spider and my leg erupted into a volcano of bright egg yolk yellow pus.
IMPORTANT NOTE; Do NOT Google image search white tail spider bites..... especially AFTER being bitten by one. The doctor said I was lucky to be bitten on the calf muscle where there is lots of muscle of for the flesh eating poison to go into. Awesome. It actually didn't hurt much at all. It felt kind of like I had been burnt. It was fucking NASTY though. 
2 months of some serious antibiotics and it's all good now.


I went on a big family holiday for Mick's dad's 60th birthday to FIJI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was so great and so much fun! I had a ball! The Warwick hotel we stayed at was like something out of a movie. Just beautiful. And the Fijian people are so friendly .
Massage, mock tails by the pool, yummy food, crazy driving Fijian jungle men!

Saw CHRIS ISAAK with the girls at Sirromet Winery. It was freaking fantastic. 
That man.... oh my ..... he is just so handsome & dreamy. 
James Reyne who supported him was also brilliant.
Thanks to Mz Sheri and her VIP insurance we scored a freaking rad spot too! 
I think this is when the spider bit me but I was too busy jumping up & down screaming 


Joey & Juniors wedding reception

Melly's 40th gangster party. FO SHIZZIL

My faux son Tom's amazing fundraiser night -
The DV DDT is a wrestling themed punk show that will be raising money for DV Connect- a QLD state-wide phone support service offering assistance, advice, support and counselling to females, males, children, and pets in households affected by domestic violence. 

Did the 5km walk to raise money for Alzheimer Australia

Tiki Day at Outre Gallery West End

Film Noir Swing dance night the the Old Queensland Museum

And of course, I have also been sewing up a storm.

I wonder what the next 6 months has up it's sleeve eh?