Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eddie Izzard's Stripped Show

Sunday was a stifling hot day where we had had brekkie with Mummsy, Bri-Bri & Aunty Lee at "Sam's on Sutton" (fantastic!), walked to the Redcliffe markets through the tens of thousands of people that had gathered for some massive life saving carnival AND the opening of the new Redcliffe foreshore.
It was so so so hot and of course I got sunburnt within 5 minutes. We quickly went home, assembled all three fans so they were blasting onto us & watched "Red Dog".
Such a nice movie. I really enjoyed it.
We couldnt' stand the heat anymore & so we scurried around to Mick's folks place for a swim.
Arrrrrrr blissssssss!
I had a list of things to do in the afternoon (when the heat was gone a bit).
Like planting my new geraniums & cutting up my organic pineapple.
Suddenly Mick gets a phone call from his mate. He's had a family emergency & can't make it to see Eddie Izzard at the Convention Centre and would we like to have his tickets for free & go in his place because he knows how much we love him?! Ummmm let us think about it..... ummmmm YES!!!
I went into a panic. (I may have gotten a bit cranky) I had to quickly wash my hair, do my hair & makeup & I was hurty from sunburn & plus it was SOOO stinkin hot.
We scrubbed up as best we could and dashed into the city.

The hall was packed (again a real mix of people).
His routine was great. It was basically about God (who doesn't exist) and the Bible vs Evolution.
If you were a really religious person I don't think you would have liked the show very much.
But I figure anyone who is easily offended wouldn't be at an Eddie Izzard show anyway.
It must be interesting living in his brain. He has such a funny bizarre slant on his views on life.
His show is funny, witty, slightly offensive, black humour, bizarre & left of centre. I LOVE IT.
If you like your humour very British, black & a bit Monty Python I suggest you youtube Eddie.
We didn't get home until midnight & so dog tired. What a huge great weekend!
(except for the awful heat)
PS: Thank you so much to Steve for the tickets. We owe you one!
monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey you.

Dolly Parton Concert

Finally, after months of excitement it was finally time to go see Mrs Dolly Parton at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Mummsy, BriBri, Aunty Lee, Marg & Eilleen met up with my friend Sue, her friend Tracey & my sister in law Chantal. The BCC was packed! It's funny to look around and see the real mix of people that come out. I was surprised that hardly anyone was dressed in western wear (excetp me of course). There were a few in pink cowgirl hats & blonde wigs.

Even though our seats were in the nose-bleed section (Aisle ZZ!) it didnt' matter. We could still make out Dolly in her fabulous sparkley tasselled outfits, plus they had big screens.

During the next 2 hours she sang a huge mix of music & styles. Her old hits like 9-5 (which had everyone up out of their seats dancing), a bluegrass set (incredible), gospel music, songs from her new album & her incredible ballads. She also played about 7 different instruments... including THE SAXAPHONE!
The sound quality was fannnnntastic. Her voice is breathtaking. More than once we were moved to tears with the sheer beauty of her voice. I'm getting goosebumps as I'm typing just thinking about it.
She was also very very funny & did a rap song! Her gospel version of "Stairway to Heavan" just floored me.
She was quite spiritual in her songs & in her words. If you were Christian folk you would have been in raptures! I think even the most hardened atheist would have walked out feeling "lifted up with His love".
The highlight for me was when she sang Little Sparrow. It was just her & her two back up singers with no music.  It made me cry it was just SO incredible. I've attached a clip of the song.
Afterwards we all just couldn't stop muttering breathlessly "So wonderful My God she was so wonderful".
Two days later I'm still feeling the LURVE.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barry Morgan World of Organs at The Powerhouse

Sunday afternoon saw The Big Fella & I meet up with The Hills at the Brisbane Powerhouse to watch Mr Barry Morgan & his World of Organs.
We first saw Barry on Spicks N Specks & instantly fell in love.
Barry Morgan on Spicks N Specks
Who is Barry Morgan? 
Barry Morgan, the ultimate organ salesman grew up in the outer suburb of Sunnyside, Adelaide, where he still resides today as owner and proprietor of the now world famous Barry Morgan’s World Of Organs store in the beautiful Sunnyside Mall. You can read more about him at his website

His stage show was an intimate affair with a small crowd of around 100.

My cheeks are still sore today from smiling so much. His show is based around him being a salesman trying to sell his 1981 Aurora Classic Organ.
His organ playing is fantastic & so kitsch.
Even the most sombre tune is accompanied by a Bossa Nova back beat.
It's just so cheesy & camp.... so of course we loved it!
When Barry asked if anyone would like to touch his organ naturally my hand shot straight up & I was chosen to go on stage & be part of a musical number with two other people chosen. Margaret & Steve
(I don't think really wanted to be at the show as he didn't seem to be enjoying himself)
The three of us had to use the one finger technique to help play at tune. It was unreal!

The show went for about an hour and I thought it was fantastic.
When you see Barry smile & hear him play you can't help but feel wonderful & grin.
After the show Barry was outside near his mechandise (including coasters & teatowels) to meet & greet people & get photos. The Big Fella & I were quick to get in & get a pic with the safari suit wearing legend.

To top off a fabulous afternoon we all decided to hit Bluesmoke (I think it's called The Smokehouse now) for some dinner. BEST American BBQ in Australia. Yummmmmm.
We had spicy buffalo wings & I had the beef ribs.
A perfect way to cap off a great day.
Thanks Brenton & Katrina for such a fun time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


To celebrate the launch of Some Fancy Ladies™ and their 2012 Calendar, they're giving ME the opportunity to win the prize pack of the year!
I could win my very own exclusive photo shoot with the Some Fancy Ladies Team!
Valued at $3000 this brilliant prize pack includes;
Flights (within Australia) to Melbourne
Vintage wardrobe for the day provided by Bonnie Rose Vintage Clothing
Hair, Makeup & Styling by Candice DeVille
Photography and prints by Helen McLean photography
The URL with the most Shares wins!
I WANNA BE A Fancy Lady TOO!!!xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Underbelly Razor Cast Party

TBF was lucky enough to win 4 tickets from 4BC radio station to go to the Underbelly Razor Cast Party at The Treasury Casino. The theme was 1920s & so we were VERY excited about the chance to 'dress up'.
I just love a fancy dress party! The night before I set my hair with small foam rollers & then went to work with my hair pin-curled under a bandana. My inspiration for the night was Carole Lombard Silent Movie Hollywood Glamour.
Sadly, I didn't have anything 1920s or 1930s vintage to wear but I managed to fashion an outfit from a slinky black dress & twenties style top from Target of all places!  I finished work & it was a mad rush to get ready. I was a bit disappointed with my eye makeup. It turned out not as good as I hoped but I didn't have time to start again. I was very happy with my hair though.
We were joined by the beautiful Billie & her beau Leif. We met on the step of the Treasury casino at 7pm.
As we walked up the stairs we were met with "papparazzi" and upon entering all the men were given a white cravatt.  The Premiers Bar was chockers with people who I've got to say.. really went all out to look the part. I quickly spotted Peter Dick from 4BC morning show (I listen every day) & got my photo taken with him.


We quickly grabbed a couple of champagnes & beers from a passing waitress & found a spot near the fireplace. Good spot too & it turns out it was where all the action was to take place. On the stage they had a barber literally giving men a shave with a cut-throat razor. We were treated to four cute girls doing charleston routines. The music playing was pretty much all 1920s & episodes of Underbelly were on the TV screens.
We scanned the room & didn't waste time launching ourselves at the cast members for photo ops.






All the 'celebs' were so lovely. Especially the girl who plays Nelly. She was just so sweet (& very pretty).
We were a wee bit miffed at the winners of the Best Dressed comp. I think they just randomly picked some people close to the stage because they were VERY VERY average compared to most of the people there.
All in all it was a really nice way to spend a week night and we had lots of fun.
Thanks to Billie & Leif for a wonderful evening!