Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Underbelly Razor Cast Party

TBF was lucky enough to win 4 tickets from 4BC radio station to go to the Underbelly Razor Cast Party at The Treasury Casino. The theme was 1920s & so we were VERY excited about the chance to 'dress up'.
I just love a fancy dress party! The night before I set my hair with small foam rollers & then went to work with my hair pin-curled under a bandana. My inspiration for the night was Carole Lombard Silent Movie Hollywood Glamour.
Sadly, I didn't have anything 1920s or 1930s vintage to wear but I managed to fashion an outfit from a slinky black dress & twenties style top from Target of all places!  I finished work & it was a mad rush to get ready. I was a bit disappointed with my eye makeup. It turned out not as good as I hoped but I didn't have time to start again. I was very happy with my hair though.
We were joined by the beautiful Billie & her beau Leif. We met on the step of the Treasury casino at 7pm.
As we walked up the stairs we were met with "papparazzi" and upon entering all the men were given a white cravatt.  The Premiers Bar was chockers with people who I've got to say.. really went all out to look the part. I quickly spotted Peter Dick from 4BC morning show (I listen every day) & got my photo taken with him.


We quickly grabbed a couple of champagnes & beers from a passing waitress & found a spot near the fireplace. Good spot too & it turns out it was where all the action was to take place. On the stage they had a barber literally giving men a shave with a cut-throat razor. We were treated to four cute girls doing charleston routines. The music playing was pretty much all 1920s & episodes of Underbelly were on the TV screens.
We scanned the room & didn't waste time launching ourselves at the cast members for photo ops.






All the 'celebs' were so lovely. Especially the girl who plays Nelly. She was just so sweet (& very pretty).
We were a wee bit miffed at the winners of the Best Dressed comp. I think they just randomly picked some people close to the stage because they were VERY VERY average compared to most of the people there.
All in all it was a really nice way to spend a week night and we had lots of fun.
Thanks to Billie & Leif for a wonderful evening!


  1. Even though my Wal is better, Wally looks like a fun guy :) Also, I would not have cared if Big Jim was not so big, I like him ;) As for Nelly, well I think it's just safe to say it's lucky Wal and I weren't there lol You looked amazing! Such a siren! Looks like you had a swell time xx