Thursday, February 18, 2016

It's all fun and games 'til the Bobbin runs out

This will come as NO surprise to my husband but I'm afraid that ........
Unlike all the other crafts I have started, been enthusiastic about for a month and then thrown in the back of the cupboard, my sewing obsession is just growing & growing with each thing I sew.
I've become rather boring and I think that this blog will more than likely slowly grow into the Vicki Sewing Blog rather than the Vicki's Blathering About Random Shit Combined with A Hundred Selfies Blog.  
I make no apologises for this.
I took up sewing when I gave up the grape and I think this addiction is a lot more productive than having weekly panic attacks and clutching my head on a Sunday morning moaning about my hangover.
Sewing is not without its side effects though.
Where before I didn't want to exercise after work because I bone lazy and just wanted to get home to watch MASH, I now don't want to exercise after work because I desperately can't wait to get home to sew!
Where before my hard earned cash went to paying the shareholders of Dan Murphy's now my moola pays the mortgages of CEOs of Spotlight and Lincraft.
And you've heard about golfing widows?
Well my poor hubby is a dressmaking widower. 
His pleas of "come to bed honey so we can snuggle" are now met with me yelling "Hang on! Just 5 more minutes!! I just gotta iron this bias binding, hem the skirt and top stitch the blouse bit !!"
1 hour later I sneak into the darkened bedroom like I've been having some sort of sordid affair with my overlocker.
I cannot explain the feeling of excitement I get when I see a particular fabric, and the image of what it will become forms in my grey matter or ,the sense of accomplishment that comes from wearing an outfit that I know nobody else has and that I have made with my own two little chubby hands.
The other problem is I want to
I literally have to get my calendar and organise my sewing in order of priority. 
"Ok so I have to make the shirt dress for the 28th. The Tiki dress for the 6th. The tie-shirt dress for the 13th and the kimono jacket with rayon pants for the 17th"
I cut them all out and put them in shopping bags and I cannot start the next one until I finish the one I'm working on now.
So now I present you with my latest projects for 2016.
MADE THIS AMAZING 1940s frock out of vintage rayon only to find I didn't measure the bust properly and it is about 2 inches too small for my giant bazoongas.


I thought I would try and sew something "different" and thought this smock looked cool. I LOVE pockets on anything.  It is basically a humungus t-shirt with NO shape.
Bought some JERSEY to make some "Bree" blouses (peasant gypsy tops) and some lovely cotton voile to make a noice light summer frock from (added to the stash )
It is really easy to sew. I make it with a half circle skirt instead of the big foofy one in the pattern though.
(this is now finished....... photos to come )
I have also since finished this frock Vintage Vogue V9000 (view B) in this super cute fishy cotton.
ANOTHER FAVOURITE PATTERN VINTAGE VOGUE V9000 (view A with the pointy cuffs)
Making this for an event next Thursday.  It will be a nice classic dress that can be dressed up or down.

A frankenpattern Vogue V8789 top half with Butterick B5880 bottom half
Awesome fishy print fabric.
This is for a TIKI event next month.
THERE YOU HAVE IT.............. FOR NOW :)