Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barry Morgan World of Organs at The Powerhouse

Sunday afternoon saw The Big Fella & I meet up with The Hills at the Brisbane Powerhouse to watch Mr Barry Morgan & his World of Organs.
We first saw Barry on Spicks N Specks & instantly fell in love.
Barry Morgan on Spicks N Specks
Who is Barry Morgan? 
Barry Morgan, the ultimate organ salesman grew up in the outer suburb of Sunnyside, Adelaide, where he still resides today as owner and proprietor of the now world famous Barry Morgan’s World Of Organs store in the beautiful Sunnyside Mall. You can read more about him at his website

His stage show was an intimate affair with a small crowd of around 100.

My cheeks are still sore today from smiling so much. His show is based around him being a salesman trying to sell his 1981 Aurora Classic Organ.
His organ playing is fantastic & so kitsch.
Even the most sombre tune is accompanied by a Bossa Nova back beat.
It's just so cheesy & camp.... so of course we loved it!
When Barry asked if anyone would like to touch his organ naturally my hand shot straight up & I was chosen to go on stage & be part of a musical number with two other people chosen. Margaret & Steve
(I don't think really wanted to be at the show as he didn't seem to be enjoying himself)
The three of us had to use the one finger technique to help play at tune. It was unreal!

The show went for about an hour and I thought it was fantastic.
When you see Barry smile & hear him play you can't help but feel wonderful & grin.
After the show Barry was outside near his mechandise (including coasters & teatowels) to meet & greet people & get photos. The Big Fella & I were quick to get in & get a pic with the safari suit wearing legend.

To top off a fabulous afternoon we all decided to hit Bluesmoke (I think it's called The Smokehouse now) for some dinner. BEST American BBQ in Australia. Yummmmmm.
We had spicy buffalo wings & I had the beef ribs.
A perfect way to cap off a great day.
Thanks Brenton & Katrina for such a fun time.

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