Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dolly Parton Concert

Finally, after months of excitement it was finally time to go see Mrs Dolly Parton at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Mummsy, BriBri, Aunty Lee, Marg & Eilleen met up with my friend Sue, her friend Tracey & my sister in law Chantal. The BCC was packed! It's funny to look around and see the real mix of people that come out. I was surprised that hardly anyone was dressed in western wear (excetp me of course). There were a few in pink cowgirl hats & blonde wigs.

Even though our seats were in the nose-bleed section (Aisle ZZ!) it didnt' matter. We could still make out Dolly in her fabulous sparkley tasselled outfits, plus they had big screens.

During the next 2 hours she sang a huge mix of music & styles. Her old hits like 9-5 (which had everyone up out of their seats dancing), a bluegrass set (incredible), gospel music, songs from her new album & her incredible ballads. She also played about 7 different instruments... including THE SAXAPHONE!
The sound quality was fannnnntastic. Her voice is breathtaking. More than once we were moved to tears with the sheer beauty of her voice. I'm getting goosebumps as I'm typing just thinking about it.
She was also very very funny & did a rap song! Her gospel version of "Stairway to Heavan" just floored me.
She was quite spiritual in her songs & in her words. If you were Christian folk you would have been in raptures! I think even the most hardened atheist would have walked out feeling "lifted up with His love".
The highlight for me was when she sang Little Sparrow. It was just her & her two back up singers with no music.  It made me cry it was just SO incredible. I've attached a clip of the song.
Afterwards we all just couldn't stop muttering breathlessly "So wonderful My God she was so wonderful".
Two days later I'm still feeling the LURVE.

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  1. I won't lie, I'm VERY jelaous and quite disappointed I didn't get to go. So glad you had such an amazing time though, I love seeing live music and having those moments that move you to tears or walking out and feeling like your life has just been altered a tiny bit. So glad you got to experience this!! xo