Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eddie Izzard's Stripped Show

Sunday was a stifling hot day where we had had brekkie with Mummsy, Bri-Bri & Aunty Lee at "Sam's on Sutton" (fantastic!), walked to the Redcliffe markets through the tens of thousands of people that had gathered for some massive life saving carnival AND the opening of the new Redcliffe foreshore.
It was so so so hot and of course I got sunburnt within 5 minutes. We quickly went home, assembled all three fans so they were blasting onto us & watched "Red Dog".
Such a nice movie. I really enjoyed it.
We couldnt' stand the heat anymore & so we scurried around to Mick's folks place for a swim.
Arrrrrrr blissssssss!
I had a list of things to do in the afternoon (when the heat was gone a bit).
Like planting my new geraniums & cutting up my organic pineapple.
Suddenly Mick gets a phone call from his mate. He's had a family emergency & can't make it to see Eddie Izzard at the Convention Centre and would we like to have his tickets for free & go in his place because he knows how much we love him?! Ummmm let us think about it..... ummmmm YES!!!
I went into a panic. (I may have gotten a bit cranky) I had to quickly wash my hair, do my hair & makeup & I was hurty from sunburn & plus it was SOOO stinkin hot.
We scrubbed up as best we could and dashed into the city.

The hall was packed (again a real mix of people).
His routine was great. It was basically about God (who doesn't exist) and the Bible vs Evolution.
If you were a really religious person I don't think you would have liked the show very much.
But I figure anyone who is easily offended wouldn't be at an Eddie Izzard show anyway.
It must be interesting living in his brain. He has such a funny bizarre slant on his views on life.
His show is funny, witty, slightly offensive, black humour, bizarre & left of centre. I LOVE IT.
If you like your humour very British, black & a bit Monty Python I suggest you youtube Eddie.
We didn't get home until midnight & so dog tired. What a huge great weekend!
(except for the awful heat)
PS: Thank you so much to Steve for the tickets. We owe you one!
monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey you.

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