Thursday, February 9, 2012

"A dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to prove you're a lady." — Edith Head

There are many out there who are losing weight for health reasons.
Not me.
My reason.
If you know me you will know that I am a vintage gal. Totally born to the wrong era. I have a passion... well obsession with the 1940s & 1950s. Everything from the furniture & art to movies, music & manchester.
But mostly the clothing.
Over the last 12 years I have amassed quite the collection of AMAZING original dresses, pants, blouses & skirts from these decades.
And yes (before the explosion of weight gain) I would wear vintage clothing about 70 % of the time. If I didn't wear original vintage it would be vintage inspired (except for my trusty holey trackie daks that is).
For the last 4 and a bit years these gorgeous creatures of silk, rayon & cotton have hung forlonly in my spare room cupboards. In a moment of despair I even sold off about 1/4 of my cupboard.
I will often throw open these doors & let out a loud sigh. I hold them up to my body with a feeling of melancholy. I miss them as if they are old friends.
My Pièce de résistance is my 4 Avanti silk rayon blouses. I bought them at Viva las Vegas about 6 years ago. They are beautiful. I have NEVER worn them. When I bought them they were just a bit too small to go around my bazoongas... Now.... forget about it.
I love them & can't bring myself to part with them.
One day my pretties. One day I will wear you my rayon beauties!
There are many pieces in my cupboard that I haven't even worn at all!
I long for the day that I can once again get 'frocked up' & feel like a glamour again.
I do not socialise much anymore as I am totally embarrassed by how I look now.
It is also impossible to buy vintage 'in my size' which frustrates the vintage shopping addict in me.
This, however, has not stopped me from buying frocks that my future-self will be able to wear.
In the mean-time I will continue to wear my hideous Millers trousers & my oversized non-button up (the 'girls' don't like buttons) blouses.

Hence the reason I have "Rayon Dreams in a Cheesecake World".

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  1. You sound just like me! I fell in love with all things vintage awhile ago...but I was too big. Then I got bigger and even became too big for most reproduction pieces. I have joined round two of the 12WBT and am loving your blog (so much so I am back at the start of it). Good luck and thanks for being an inspiration.