Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Moaning.

Last night was the insane SPIN class. My joy at seeing that the super-mega-uber-fit Bionic PT was back this week was short lived.
"Helloooooo everbody!" She chirped pepperly " Tonight we are going to do something a wee bit different".
"Oh shit that doesn't sound good" I thought wryly.
"Tonight". She merrily exclaimed " We are going to cycle up a humungous mountain. It's ALL uphill out of the saddle tonight. Have fun!"
*face palm*
My buttcheeks clenched and quivered in fear at what was to come.
The next 50 minutes was bonkers. Even the triathlon fit people in the class were almost sobbing & grunting "Oh God make it stop!"
The worst was one track that was supposed to go for 7 1/2 minutes BUT her CD kept skipping & it ended up going for TEN MINUTES. The song was a remix of Deep Forest "Sweet Lullaby". You had to set your gears to the "almost impossible to actually pedal" setting & get up off of the seat & just keep pedalling up the equivalent of Mount Kosciuszko.
Around the 5 minutes mark I think I actually started hallucinating that I was in the deep dark forest of Bengali surrounded by the Bandar pygmy tribe. I kept imagining that The Phantom would suddenly appear & whisk me off the bike & take me away.
"Shhhh" he whispered in my ear " Diana need not know about us. Let me mop your sweaty brow with my purple lycra sleeve".
The hynotic jungle beat of the music did nothing however to distract me from the burning sensation in my quads.
The WHOLE class was on this crazy hard gear setting.

Why are you doing this to yourself? I hear you scream.
Because as INSANE as it sounds (and is) I actually feel awesome afterwards. WEIRD EH.
But I did it... I reached the summit.
The top of the mountain.
King of the Hill

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