Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Row Row Row your Boat Gentley Hear me Scream

Sorry I haven't blogged I've been running around like a headless chook organising my fundraiser for beyondblue.
Today I arose, did my wee-wee & stripped naked as a jay bird & stepped hesitantly onto the scales.
87.7kg !!!!!!!!!!!
My not-so jiggly-now body did a little jig. That's a loss of 1.2kg & a total loss of 2.5kg.
I am NOT below the yellow line. I am safe for another week.
Mind you I have been exercising like a woman possessed by the devil of sweating.

On Saturday it was Rowers Revenge SSS Challenge: "This is a metabolic conditioning circuit designed to test both your strength and your fitness. You will need a stop watch (and a bucket)"
It's never a good sign when Mish announces that you are going to need a bucket. I don't think the bucket is to catch the tears of joy either.
It began with a fabulous (insert sarcastic font) mix of 30 minutes of X-trainer & Run/Walk combo just to get that nice rosey complection started.
The next hour was like this:
Row like someone trying to escape the jaws of a killer shark with rabies for 300 metres.
Jump off and do some weights
Row like someone trying to escape the tentacles of a mutant giant squid for another 300 metres
Jump off and do some weights
Continue this pattern for the 45 minutes.
By the end I decided I had had enough of battling imaginery sea monsters and rowed more like I was on a merry little day out on the riverway with the tweeting birds.
I was hotter than two cats fighting in a wool sock!
I finally finished ......

On Monday I went to the gym armed with my new secret weapon in my war against jibbly-jubbly bits.
My new arm-band iphone holder. Yep now I look like a complete twat like the rest of my exercise nut-bags.
I don't care though. I NEED it for when I am pumping iron (man) and doing the rowing.
I tried to tuck the iphone into my undies but it just keeps slipping down into my gusset.
Not a good look.
Now I can exercise & drown out the noise of Nauseous Nova FM & the weird grunty noises of the man next to me on the machines (at least I think it is him.. it could be me) and the sound of the young body building lads in their TapOut too-tight Tshirts talking about chicks they would and wouldn't shag.
Now I have my continuous stream of nice soothing Guana Batz, System of a Down and Meteors.
Yep. Heart rate moniter AND hip arm band. I am SO oozing gym couture! You watch I'll be requesting vouchers from Lorna Jane for my birthday this year.....

I have also discovered that I am indeed getting fitter. On Monday I ran/walked for 20 minutes BUT... I was able to run for 3 minutes at a time!
This is a Monday miracle. At the beginning I could bearly run for 30 seconds without wheezing like a 2 pack a day old man.
I feel good.
My size 18 jeans are now too big and it's not just my imagination!
I need to wear a belt with them now!
What a shame that if I lose heaps of weight I will have to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes.
What. A .Shame.


  1. Congratulations! Well done:) A new wardrobe should be coming your way soon... :)

  2. Congrats! You're on fire with the results!!!

  3. Hey Mz Vicki
    I really love your blog, and laugh so much at all your adventures! Your sense of humour is a lot like mine, so please keep up the great work! It just cracks me up sometimes at my gym, and after each visit I have great fodder for blog posts!! Love to keep everyone laughing, which is what it is all about to me - far too easy to get bogged down in the serious stuff.

    Also a big congratulations on your weight loss this week! May the force be with you (which it obviously is!).

    Debby (tbd55!)