Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Always Tea Time - Mad Hatter

A quick post today just to let you all know that


I finally found a pattern for a Tea Timer blouse from Scissorhappy . Pretty stoked because not only do they sell patterns but you send them your measurements & they do up the pattern to your size!

I've searched the interwebs for original pics of beautiful women wearing these blouses or any old Sears catalogues that may have sold them but to no avail.  I can't even find the history or origins of this blouse. Perplexing. I assume it would have been classed as 'resort wear' and worn on holidays to Hawaii.

All I know is that they are probably one of my all time favourite vintage pieces to wear.
They are super comfortable, casual yet stylish (with that lovely mandarin collar), they cover up your lumps & bumps and nice & cool to wear in our shitfull Queensland searing summer heat.

Most VINTAGE Tea Timers are made of rayon or cotton and have the most wondrous fantastic patterns that usually have a tropical theme.  In fact, the name of my blog comes from my love of the Tea Timer. I have in my wardrobe four 1940/50s reproduction rayon "Avanti" Tea Timers I bought a thousand years ago at Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekender in America. I have never worn them because my boobies grew too big. They are so amazing and quite rare now I think. I could never sell them. It is my dream (rayon dream) to one day fit into them and actually show them the light of day.


A Tea Timer is normally worn with 3/4 capris pants & flat shoes like ballet flats.

I decided to make my first try in plain black el-cheapo cotton in case I stuffed it up.
The pattern was super easy to follow & I was so excited to finally do BUTTONS!
I squealed with delight as the button hole foot worked its magic! I had to hand sew the actual buttons on but I will buy a button sewing foot as well.
I was nervous about doing the mandarin collar but it worked out great!!!
I even wore it to work the next day!
One of blokes at work said I looked like a Star Trek Trekky or a dental assistant but he wouldn't know good taste if it jumped up & bit him on his daggy boring face.

It's worse than that, he's dead Jim

Mandarin collar - good for hiding hickeys

I immediately dove into my box of fabrics (I have a problem) and found a bolt of Hawaiian print cotton that I bought about 10 years ago and I set to work cutting it out. I'm even going to try something totally outrageous and attempt to line up the pocket print with the front print ala the incredible repro brand Sun Surf.

Buttons! Collars!! Pockets!! What's next in my sewing journey?

Pleats and Gathers I think. Ooooooooo



  1. Ooh the shirt looks so good well done! Can't wait to see what you do next xo

    1. THANKS! I'm so excited about learning to do buttons! I've made another tea timer since ... so I'll put up some photos of that one soon too. :)

  2. The shirt looks great! I am unfeasibly excited about that pattern company - thanks for sharing! It is so hard to find nice vintage patterns that have a hope of fitting if you don't have the same dimensions as a wasp.

    1. THANKS!
      I agree. It was so cool to be able to send in my measurements & it was made to fit. It was a bit expensive (I think $40) but it will be used a lot.