Monday, October 28, 2013

Some People need Sequins, others don't - Edith Head

The vintage clothing aficionado's hearts were all set aflutter with the news that Carmel Bullivant was putting her massive vintage clothing collection up for sale to the public.
There was a lot of chest clutching and gasping in anticipation at what would be for sale.
It was so large it was to be held at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds.

On Friday afternoon my fellow frocked up filly Mrs Hill joined moi & we headed to the grounds to meet with the other dames.
I gave myself a budget of up to $200 spending money. I knew that the pieces would not be St Vinnie's Kippa-Ring prices but I was hoping that I might find maybe one or two frocks.

Alas, it didn't take long to realise that almost ALL of the garments were smaller sizes (6-12) and there was sweet F.A for the more curvaceous lady. That didn't worry me too much though because I was also just interested in just having a Mrs Mangle sticky beak anyways.

I was chatting to a couple of lovely ladies as we all were perusing the finery when all four of us let out a loud collective GASP of horror!  My hand covered my mouth in a stifled scream as I looked upon the atrocity before us. Not only was the amazing 1940s crepe dress torn but it had been mended with....

Mz Lisa of Atomic Martini Vintage

As the afternoon went on we found more & more beautiful vintage frocks that had been 'mended' in the most terrible way. So many glorious frocks that were torn, ripped, stained, unlaundered & in a terrible state of disrepair. It was like watching the movie 'Saw' but with divine frocks instead of limbs!
For people who not only collect AND WEAR vintage clothing this is like sacrilege. Fabulous gowns hung on metal wire hangers!!! No respect for these wonderful pieces at all.

Don't get me wrong. Not ALL the pieces were knackered. Some were still quite lovely.
But the prices were just plain silly.  1950s cotton day dresses with tears & stains for $250. One Mexican hand painted skirt for $120 next to one almost identical for $350.
There were also a number of instances of staff being really rude to the buyers.
(I won't go into that but it was just dreadful)

Mz Karie of The Click-Clack Lounge at Sandgate

I WISH this would have been in my size :(

The only item that I almost bought was the most incredible hat. It was about the same diameter of a tractor tyre and was $50 which was a great price. I tried it on & it was fab-yooooo-less. "Where the bloody hell would I EVER wear it?!" I thought "down to the Bramble Bay Bowls Club for a chicken parmi?"
After about half an hour I thought "Stuff it! I HAVE to have it!" but when I went back it was gone. Sigh.

The hat!!!

After around an hour of looking at everything & tsking to each other we decided to cut our loses and bugger off to The Jubilee Hotel for a quiet bevvy or four.

It was the first time in a long time I had had a GIRLS night without TBF & it was cool sitting around pissing ourselves laughing, talking disgusting most unladylike smut, taking selfies and getting to know some new totally rad glamour-pusses.

It was an average afternoon that turned into an awesome night with a bunch of wickedly funny gals who love & appreciate vintage clothing & treat it like precious thing that it is.


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  1. Phew! Glad I didn't fork out the airfare for this, but looks like you gals had a blast anyway!