Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To me – old age is always ten year older than I am. – John Burroughs

Yesterday was my birthday.
I turned 41.
Stone the bloody crows!
How did that happen??!

TBF spoiled me rotten by buying me flowers and PJs from Peter Alexander and last night taking me out to George's Paragon in the city for dinner. I got all frocked up in my vintage LBD & wore my special occasion pearl necklace and TBF wore his fancy pants.

Now George's isn't super duper flash BUT it isn't Sizzler Kippa-Ring either. It is quite exy and is definitely upper middle range so it dismayed us to see people wearing bloody flat brim baseball caps, shorts, T-shirts and friggin' THONGS out to dinner at a pretty swanky restaurant. For the love of Larry at least take off your flippin hat! I HATE that people don't make an effort when they go out to nice places. I think not taking off your hat is bloody rude & I reckon the waiters should have told them to remove them. Grrrrrrrr.


If any of you go to George's DO NOT order the Greek h'orderves platter for two as an entrée. It was MASSIVE,  chocked with haloumi, feta, pita breads, squid, calamari and olives. We gorged ourselves stupid but then we still had our mains to eat! 
I must admit I struggled to eat my bbq'd squid because it looked like stacks of cooked spiders and I couldn't stop thinking about that episode of Hamish & Andy where Hamish had to eat the tarantula! I felt a bit squeezy & focused on the veges instead.  For dessert I had the sickly sweet delicious mud cake and a coffee and TBF organised the waiters to sing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY very very loudly in overly exaggerated Greek accents!

We left with hugely distended tummies and my Nancy Ganz girdle straining rather uncomfortably against my skin!
Was the restaurant good?  It was ok.  Will I hurry back?  Probably not.

This is the first birthday that I have actually started to FEEL my age.
Up until this point I've been all like "meh wha evs I'm doin' pretty good".
But this past 12 months things have started to ..... ummm.... change.

These are some of the little things I've noticed:-

* Any skin care ad that features Julianne Moore or Rebecca Gibney makes me sit forward in my seat and pay attention. Hmmmmmm Re-Tautening Gel with Pro-Tensium . Amino_Peptides. Ooooooo tell me more.

* Fibre content in foods has become important when choosing which thing to buy.

* I no longer like listening to stations like Triple J and now prefer to be kept 'updated' with the latest going-on and current issues confronting our country with 4BC talk-back radio. Instead of discussing the latest Triple J hottest 100 list I am more likely to get riled up about recycled water schemes & what's happening with the road works on the Warrego Highway!

* I used to rub delightful smelling lotions like Vanilla Almond Shea Butter into my skin at night but now I use things like Pain Away joint rub because Ray "Rabbits" Warren tells me it takes away "The Pain The Whole Pain & Nothing but the Pain".

* I used to take a Berrocca every night before bed because of how much partying I did. Now I take a Glucosamine tablet for my newly aching joints.

* My legs are starting to look like a map of Brisbane with the spider veins on them starting to spread like a Bic pen has exploded on my legs.

Other than those I feel GREAT for a middle aged broad!
Mentally, I still have the mind of a 9 year old boy.

Thanks to everyone on Facebook who sent me birthday messages.
They made me feel & warm & gooey and tingly in my tummy.  
I wish it was my birthday everyday.... it's good for my self-esteem!!


  1. I turn 41 in a couple of weeks and sometimes when I happen to wander past a mirror when I have no make up or hair done I actually startle myself. Seriously. *sigh*

    1. hahahahha Gawd bless Maybelline & hot rollers!!!!

  2. Happy birthday my dear....and I hope I look as fabulous as you at 41...hell I wish I could look as fabulous as you now.

    1. Thanks lovely. It's amazing what a bucket of Maybelline & a few hot rollers can do. ... PS: you always look fabulous!