Sunday, October 20, 2013



Friday night I fought the terrible afternoon Roma Street traffic shit-fight & headed to meet up with the in laws and around 3000 others to do the MS Moonlight Walk.  
The walk is a 10km walk around the Brisbane river to raise vital funds to fight for Queenslanders living with multiple sclerosis.

We named our team THE MOONSHINE WANDERERS and we ended up raising $4377.
This is mainly because my in-laws are like a staffy with a bit of rope when it comes to raising funds. Once they get their teeth stuck into something they go 1000%.

The Moonshine Wanderers with the Mayor of Ipswich Paul Pisasale
The walk was so lovely. It was great walking around the river at night and made me wonder why we don't do it more often. It took us around the river through Southbank, across the Story Bridge, along Eagle St Pier & through the Botanical Gardens back to Southbank Parklands again.
We kept a good pace... a brisk stroll....
The MIL couldn't help herself though was off striding ahead of the pack. I only have The Tiny Legs & so I mainly bought up the rear.

The Brisbane city skyline at night is beautiful and the weather was lovely & mild.
As we walked through the Botanical Gardens we were treated to a band called Amity Affliction playing on the River stage.  They were some sort of Death Metal Band and were SOOOO LOUD. The lyrics to the song we heard went something like


I couldn't get over how many people were out and about. Just about all of the restaurants were PACKED!
The walk was mainly on level ground so it wasn't so bad but by around the 7km mark my back & feet were starting to kill.  I was cranky because I forgot to wear my you-beaut sports socks & the dodgy no-brand ones ended up feeling like I had sandpaper under my feet. Stupid fallen arches.

The walk took us about 2 hours and by the time we got to the finish line we were all pretty knackered, aching & hungry. 
It was a great night though & I'm so glad the rain buggered off.
The atmosphere was lovely as you watched all the lanterns everyone was given, illuminating the way around the river. A stack of people were also dressed up as Star Wars characters, in tutus, Mario Bros and a random army camouflaged bloke who kept scaring people.

The Legend Paul Pisasale. Mayor of Ipswich.
Afterwards, the fam headed to Guzman Y Gomez for some Mexican and then we all went home & collapsed into a coma (after I had a scalding shower & coated my whole body in Pain Away cream).


The whole night raised an amazing $442,414 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a fun family you have there, I love that you just all dive right in and do it with exuberance.


  2. My in-laws are the best! They really love life & live it to the fullest.