Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Rechords EP Launch at Lefty's Old Time Music Hall

Saturday night was awesome. It was a combination of my favourite things...
and the opportunity to get all FROCKED UP!
The event was the EP launch of "It Won't Be Long" by one of the best rockabilly bands in the universe The Rechords! (you can check out their music here: )
The gig was held at the wonderful Lefty's Old Time Music Hall in Caxton Street.

The night was made even better by the support act being The Sugar Shakers ( ) Emma, as usual, looked and sounded divine!
Not many people could pull off wearing a skin tight glittery frock but Emma looked exquisite.

Before the gig I was asked by the wonderful Sheri of the Sheri Bomb Blog fame to stand in as a Boobette because the gorgeous Mz Elisse was unavailable. I was deeply honoured!
The Boobettes (Sheri & Elisse) are famous for their back-up screaming for the band Men Into Space and now they had been called upon to provide some sexy style singing & gyrating for The Sugar Shakers!  Never one to knock back an opportunity to show off in public I of course agreed.

This meant that I had to forgo my usual demur lady-like style & go for something a wee bit more ... VAMPY.   Thankfully, I had just recently bought a top from Your One Stop Pin Up Shop at Chermside for this very occasion.

At first I felt a bit self conscious wearing such a *cough* saucy number but after a while I thought 'bugger it" and started parading The Girls around like a real two-bit hussy.
I was SO nervous before getting on stage I thought I was going to vomit but in typical Vicki form once I was up there I cut loose and almost had to be dragged off.
Thankfully all I had to do was sing the words "Hoochie Coochie" and shake my ta-tas!
Sheri (of course) was a total natural. She belongs on the stage!!!!

The song was Hoochie Coochie.

It was hilarious. I've watched back the video on Facebook & I am a total dork.
I've got about as much sex appeal as a used tissue on a bus seat! LOL It was a lot of fun though!
I'm not sure how to post the video on here (seriously LOL)


At around about 10.30 The Rechords came on. Holey Moley.
They are soooooooo good. I mean seriously, their harmonies are to die for.
The crowd went ballistic!  Once again, it was cool to see all the modern day hipsters & drunk 20 somethings in their weird tribal mini skirts loving it and dancing around enjoying the music.

The Rechords going ORF!

By 11 Lefty's was PACKED! Getting to the bar was a total NIGHTMARE. I pray there is never a fire in that place.  By midnight I was starting to get tired and crabby.  The drunken hipsters & loud obnoxious hen's night chicks with fruit & flower things on their heads were giving me the shits BIG TIME. They were knocking into people & were so loud & yucky.
One that looked like something off Snog Marry Avoid came up to me & in a weird manly voice sleazily said "You look great. You should come & stand infront of me. hehehehe" Creepy.
I politely answered "No thank you" & darted back to the safety of The Big Fella.
Other than the OFPs (Ordinary Fucking People) the night was so great!!!
I'm glad I don't drink anymore because I was totally rooted on Sunday even without the grog!


Mz Atomic Martini Vintage - Lisa

My Boys

The Divine Mz Chelsea

Sexpot Billie

Sue always looks so beautiful

Tyron the bass player of The Rechords... such a handsome devil

The Girls are out to play
Drunk hipster dude walks up to me & slurs.... "You look just like Marilyn.......Manson".
I think he meant Monroe.
I hope so....

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