Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brizvegas Kustom Karnival

Last Sunday TBF & I were so stoked to hit the road & get to the Brizvegas Kustom Karnival at the Acacia Ridge Hotel. Yet ANOTHER awesome gig put on by Lori Lee of Robert Productions.
I decided to bust out my home-made 1/2 circle skirt that is red & white gingham with pics of little cartoon ants on it & go with a bit of a PICNIC vibe.  The weather was gorgeous & sunny & perfect.
Vintage Straw Bag from Atomic Martini Vintage

After a feed of yummy roast beef gravy & chips I couldn't wait to hit the markets. I was so happy that one of my favourite shops Western Wac had a stall. I bought a fantastic Mexican embroidered mu-mu to chuck over my togs (photos to come) this summer and was totally eyeing off the new Freddies of Pinewood "Lana" pedal pushers when TBF announced "If you want them then get the money out & get them!"
Well, here I thought I couldn't run! The pain in my knees was miraculously gone as I ran like Usain Bolt to the ATM before TBF could come to his senses.
I squealed like Ned Flanders as Kimmy handed them to me. SWEEEET!
Then it was time to head downstairs to get our boogie on. We scored a big table for our gang of misfits behind the mixing desk and settled in for a great arvo of music, talking gutter filth, taking 500 selfies, photobombing, groping & laughing.

Mz Vicki The Rockabilly Floozy

(this is her awesome Blog: )
The only I will say about the venue is that bottom room is SO HOT! ERMEGHERD!
Thank goodness some of us had the nouse to bring some fans to cool down. My 10 layers of makeup slap were threatening to melt off my face!
I didn't mind too much though because it gave me a good excuse to go back up to the markets that were in blissful air conditioning.

All the bands were freaking fantastic. (I did miss the first band The Zephyr Project because I was too busy stuffing my face & yabbering away upstairs). 
The other highlight of the day was getting to meet one of my Facebook friends.
I LOVE THE FACEBOOK. I have gotten to 'meet' so many awesome people that I never would have had the chance to chat to if not for the wonderful world of social media.
I got to meet the sauve bugger Uncle of Uncle Jim's Customs.

Finally it was time for the highlight of the day. MARTI BROM.
I hadn't seen her perform live before so I was really excited. I grabbed my fan & quickly headed upfront centre.
For a little chick she sure does have a mighty powerful voice. Like a mix of Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee & Loretta Lyn.
I looked like one of those possessed people you see at an evangelistic churches fanning my face like crazy & jumping up and down like looney! HALLEJUAH !!!!
I even managed to convince a couple of unsuspecting blokes to have a dance.
The sweat was pouring off of everyone (poor Marti under those lights!) but it was fantastic!
My two favourite songs she did were "Blue Tattoo" and I went positively ballistic when she sang "Great Shakin' Fever".

(This is Marti Brom at Greazefest 2009)

I was so stoked to get my photo taken with Mz Brom afterwards. She was so lovely.
Thanks again Lori Lee for another rip-snorta of a gig!

I don't know what people are talking about! She wasn't short at all!!
She was the same height as me!


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  1. Looks so fun Vicki. You are looking so slim and gorgeous by the way! Xo