Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Ooooo look at my noice certificate Mishy sent to me.
So here are my before & after photos from Round One.
No I will NOT be posting any pics of me in my control brief high-waisted grundies & bra.
I gotta be honest...even though the scales & the tape measure say I have reduced size I don't really see it in the pics. 
WEEK ONE                                          WEEK TWELVE

WEEK ONE                           WEEK TWELVE

I've printed out my exercise programs for the next week and a half & will be getting stuck into it again as of this arvo.  I have upped the anty on the exercise & gone up to.... wait for it.... INTERMEDIATE LEVEL!!
I have yet to do my final week 12 fitness test to see if I can beat my 1km time.
Round Two OFFICIALLY starts on June 4 but the PRE-SEASON TASKS have begun.
This weeks is GET REAL. You have to look at the internal excuses that hold you back.
My biggest one is "I'm so tired. Call the Wahbulance. I just wanna get home to my hairy monkey man. I can't be arsed today. Fuck it."
This next round I will set myself realistic exercise goals.
I thought I would also put up another BEFORE ROUND TWO photo so in about 4 months you will be able to see the difference in my epic guns!!! Bloody huuuge.


  1. Hey, you did it - well done! And you're continuing. You must be proud of yourself.

  2. I can see your tum & bum are flatter. HOw did you give up the smokes? cold turkey?

  3. You look great Vicki you can see a difference you must be pleased. Do you feel better in yourself and have more energy.

  4. You may not see much of a difference but we sure can!! You are a magnificent creature Mz. Vicki - can't wait for Round 2!!! Go get 'em! Lxxx

  5. Love your blog, you are so funny and real! Great work. I can see a difference in your shoulders and tummy. I love your hair too!

  6. Thanks guys. I can definately feel it in my clothes. RAD!!!

  7. Just checking out your blog for the first time Ms Vicki... I can definitely see the difference!

    You are looking fan-bloody-tastic!