Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries.- Stephen King

First thang's first.
Eyez be jumpin' fer joy!
A loss of 700g. Back down to 85.5kg! Woohooo. The graph is heading back down.
Goal?  To be 75 kilos by my birthday at the end of October. Can I do it???


I'm thinking about changing my blog to be about more than just the 12wbt & more about the life & thoughts & writings (diatribe) of Mz Vicki in general. It would be a blog that would highlight all the incredibly interesting things and people I see & do.
eg. Today I had boiled eggs instead of poached. The yolk was really really yellow. Harvey The Pookah meowed his apathy.... See rivetting stuff.

But I was also thinking that every week somebody could suggest to me a blogging challenge and I could write about it. Either non-fiction or fiction. eg: Write a story about a chicken ninja with a death wish or "tell me about your best childhood memory". You get the drift?

I've been told by some obviously deluded individuals that they think that I might just have a knack for actual WRITING. In school I was a mad-keen writer & used to spend alot of my time writing mental poems comparing love to various household appliances and writing short stories about ferrets and Tomato Samboys (two of my all-time loves). As usual though, as soon as I left the beige world of Oakey & hit the bright lights of Brissy in my early Twenties any creativity I may have possessed in my noggin quickly evaporated in a haze of nightclubbing, B52 shots and spiral perms from Stefans. I'm not sure if anybody would be interested in what I have to say/write. It would of course be awesome if I could use my blog for the purpose of making shiteloads of money. Naturally I am a product whore & I would be willing to promote your business in exchange for bootloads of free stuff.

I suppose this is MY BLOG and I can do with it what I damn well please. I guess if nobody reads it, it is good therapy for me anyway. Kind of like a diary but one that any ole loon can read.



  1. In my little opinion you need to come up with your own content. You might be waiting for ages if you wait for other people to take some action :)

  2. Thanks Kitty. I will just do my own thang but I think if somebody wants to chuck a topic at me I'll take up the challenge.

  3. I love reading your blog, so I say go for it! Mine started out as something completely different to what it is today...the professional bloggers out there call it 'finding your voice'...and once you find it, blogging becomes even more of an adventure. So it's a big fat yes from me :)

  4. Thanks Kirsten. I think that is a great way of putting it "finding your voice". Awesome. :)

  5. I love reading your blog and not because it is about 12wbt, but because you are hilarious and interesting:)) go for it, blog away, more for me to read, and many thanks to you xx

  6. Love your stuff,keep doing it in whatever way works!

  7. For sure go for it! You're a talented and engaging writer.. I'd love to read your stories. You've sold me! Jen :)

  8. Write what ever inspires you. Your blog makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I love your descriptive ways and the aussie slangs makes me feel at home all the way from Vegas! You rock girl !!!!!!