Monday, July 30, 2012

I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life - George Burns

Did yawl watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony? TBF & I got up at 5.30am and tuned in. I thought it was AMAZING. It gee'd me all up to tackle my SSS .

The theme of the session was... you guessed it... The Olympics. I managed to do the entire session BUT I mixed the order up a bit because I couldn't do 10 two hundred metre sprints in a row. Insane in the membrane.
I was spurred on by some new running tracks that I wacked onto my ipod thingy.
I found this totally rad website where you can find music based on it's BPM. So basically I entered in one of my favourite running songs " Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz and discovered that it is 168BPM. So then I did a search for tracks that are around 168bpm. BRILLIANT!
The website is:
I finally finished my SSS and was pleased to discover that I had burned 691 calories. A quick inspection of my head in the mirror confirmed that I did indeed have my once-familor red as a baboon's butt sheen to it. My legs were caning but it was a good feeling.

In other exciting news I have aquired a second job. Well if you want to call working in a fabulous shop that sells gorgeous retro pin-up clothes & accessories a JOB. I will be working Thursday nights from 5-9pm. It's called Your One Stop PinUp Shop . What a shame I will have to buy clothes from the shop to wear. Sigh. If you are in Brissy you should totally come & visit me.. and buy shitloads of stuff so I look like I am an awesome sales woman.

Me hard *cough* at work

In some not-so-rad news yesterday (Monday) my brain imploded. I woke up to discover that the Terrible Sadness had slinked into my brain while I was sleeping. The Terrible Sadness is just as it sounds. Imagine you are like Professor Xavier in X-Men but instead of being able to hear the thoughts of the world you can instead FEEL the grief & sadness of the world.
It also feels like my spoongey brain is covered in cotton wool and it is hard to do even the most basic things. So I spent the day alternating between sleeping, sitting in the sun & trying to inject some happiness into my grey matter by watching Peter Russell Clarke Bloopers on YouTube.
I think that all the stress of the last few months had just caught up with me. I have a tendancy to push down my stress and go "Pfft suck it up woman. You'll be right. Get on with it ya big nancy."
I'm alright today.. a bit tired but not too bad.
I'm just counting down the days until Greazefest . I'm looking forward to frocking up & seeing my awesome friends who are the BEST thing for my soul as they make me laugh heaps & heaps, they dance with me and give me lots of hugs with inappropriate groping.

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  1. Congratulations on the job, sounds perfect! And for the great workout session. Your smile lights up the computer screen.