Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pour Yourself a Drink, Put on some Lipstick and Pull yourself Together- Elizabeth Taylor

Well yesterday I hit the gym again for the first time in eons. My worst fears were confirmed ...
I have gone back to having the fitness level of a moldy turnip. I did 10 minutes of power huffing on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes of hill climbing hyperventilating on the cross trainer & then 10 minutes of power pedalling panting on the bike. All of this was made significantly more excruiating because I had forgotten my ipod. FACE PALM. Do you know how hard it is to push yourself when all you have to spur you on is silent TV screens showing a choice of lawn bowls, Hot Seat or the News.
It did feel pretty good to be back on the machines again though. Kind of like a bit of normalacy is returning.
I've made sure that my ipod is packed today & fully charged so today I am going to attempt to *gulp* run this arvo.
I am sooooooo not looking forward to doing my SSS after so long and I'm even less enthusiastic about redoing my fitness test.

Today I had my weigh-in & I've stayed the same as last week ... 86.2kg. Bummer.
I forgot to do my measurements so I'll do them tomorrow. Something not high on my 'can't wait' list.
I've got to get it goin' orn because Greazefest is on in only 10 days & I want to look hawt.
PS: Thanks everybody for your awesome supportive comments. Just when I feel like giving up this blogging caper I get some awesome feedback which spurs me on with my rambling again.


  1. Please, please don't stop blogging!!! It is my drug!

  2. "Anonymous" is me Vicki - Sue! I still haven't bloody worked out how to leave my name on this thing. Technology is not one of my strong points.

  3. I love reading you blog. Not only about your weight loss journey, experiencing your journey trying to conceive plus I love who you are. My dad builds hot rods, he is a fanatic, I grew up in a world similar to yours, everything revolves around the 50's and 60's I loved it and still do but I joined the navy 13 years ago (got out after 10) and now live a relatively conservative life. Your stories about your Frocks and setting your hair brings me back to some good times when I was young.

  4. Keep blogging! and keep gyming and eating well! I lerrrvvv the cartoon!!

  5. Stick at it Vicki, overall you're still doing well, and you've had a lot of distractions. Be patient (but tougher!) with yourself.xx.

  6. Don't you dare stop blogging (pretty please with a cherry on top) because we need it! And you know what, the fact that you WENT to the gym gives you 10 points. Well done. Keep it up. AND DON'T FORGET THE IPOD!!!!