Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You were nothing before you met me. You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn. You were a Bluebird. You were a Brownie. You were a Girl Scout Cookie - "HEATHERS"


Today I want to chat about friends and friendship.
What is a friend?

According to the Oxford Dictionary:-
 * a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations
* a person who is not an enemy or opponent; an ally
* a familiar or helpful thing
* a contact on a social networking website

I have lots of different sorts of friends.

Friends who I have known for years. These people know all my dirty little secrets (no I'm not telling) and I know a few of theirs. Sometimes we will go months, sometimes even YEARS without seeing eachother but when we do see eachother it's like we've never been apart. We may have moved away from eachother either in our locations or apart in our lifestyles. But we will always have the bonds that joined us in the first place. Our lives have changed. We've moved onto different things. We might hang with different crowds but they will always be in my heart. Whenever I think of them I smile.

* Friends I've recently met: Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate to meet a bunch of people who I've just 'clicked' with. The common characteristics of these people are a wicked sense of humour, incredibly caring personalties and the ability to make me laugh like loon. These people are the best therapy as just spending a small amount of time with them does wonderful things to my soul.

* Friends that I've never met:  As a rampant blogger & blog reader I have had the fortune of 'meeting' some totally amazing people on-line. Say what you will about social media but if it weren't for Facebook & the internet I would have never gotten to know these fabulous people. Via the world wide web I have shared their journeys (& they mine). Ups & Downs. Good times & Shit Times.
Some of them I have been chatting to for years & years. Some live in Australia & some overseas. Some of these people I have formed very close friendships with.  I wish I were rich so I could surprise them one day with a visit. I wish some lived closer so I could rush over to them & give them a big hug when they are down. (you know who you are).  I am so thankful to sites like Facebook and MySpace (back when) & places like the Weight Watchers Forums for allowing me to connect with all these awesome people.

I guess when it comes down to tin-tacks my idea of a friend isn't someone who knows EVERYTHING about you.  You don't need to see eachother all the time or call eachother or text eachother all the time.  I think a true friend is a person who, when you are with them or in contact with them makes you feel safe & happy.  You can just relax & be yourself. Warts n all.
A true friend is someone who understands that you're not perfect but still wants to hang out with you anyway.

I know that I am FAR from being the ideal friend. I'm a lazy shit. Oh I want to call people. I want to catch up for coffee & cake but I hardly ever do. Not because I dont' want to see you or talk to you. It's not because I don't love you to absolute pieces. I'm just bloody useless. 
I can be pretty selfish & self-absorbed. I am one of those idiots who never knows what to say in a bad situation. "There There" and an awkward hug is what you will usually get.
So why would you want to be my friend then? 
Hmmmm not sure. 
I will try to make you laugh as much as I can.  If you REALLY need someone to help you & or to talk to I WILL drop everything (as soon as this episode of Scrubs is over) and be there for you.
I will try to lift your spirits and bring positivity to you.
I will post pictures of pugs in hats & sarcastic someecards on your wall if you are feeling down.
I will hug you if you want one but I'll probably grope you on the arse too.
I can't promise I will be your BESTIE but I will try to be the best friend I can be.

Thank you to all of my FRIENDS. Past Present & Future. You make me feel so rad in your own ways.  If I could I would jump in my car & come & have a cuppa with all of you (you supply the Kingston bickies).


  1. even though we only spoke briefly back on the WW blogs, i still read your blog here and think highly of ya babes. You're one of the best. ^__^

  2. I like this, & for the record I have missed your crazy ass laugh & your quirky sense of humour, hoping we will be able to re-connect & visit our past with shits & giggles !!!

    Your very OLD friend .....