Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Day Out - Afternoon

Mick had won tickets to Palace Centro on 4BC so we trundled off to watch the movie "The Guard". It is a little low budget Irish film. It was rated really highly by my favourite magazine Empire. It also stars  Brendan Gleeson & Don Cheadle. Two of our favourite actors. It was a really good film. Very very funny in parts.
We rated it 7/10.

Afterwards we went to the coolest little music/book store called "TITLE".

It's just up the road from Palace. It is like my dream shop that I would love to own.
We could have spent hundreds of dollars in this shop. We ended up buying one CD called "Jam Up Twist".
Heaps of great music from obsure rockabilly compilations to ska to bluegrass with a great selection of kitsch coffee table books & an unreal range of cult films for sale. Definately worth checking out.


  1. Title ROCKS!! We went to the one in Melbourne while we were down there and I scored a rare Cramps vinyl - awesome store!!

  2. This title place looks awesome! I must check it out.

  3. Sounds like an awesome shop-but dangerous for the wallet!