Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Day Out - In the City

By the time was had explored the museum we were starving so we popped into the city for the best Japanese Pork Katsu curry & honey milk bubble tea at Kadoya.  So so yum.

While we were in the city I thought we should definately go check out the Mad Men exhibition at Queens Plaza. I was very excited to see the costumes from this TV show.

We got to the Queens Plaza & found the "exhibition". It was about 15 metres of orange carpet with TWO (yep count 'em TWO) frocks from the show. With a 1950s bar & dressing table & a chair chucked inbetween for a bit of visual merchandising. I've We quickly hurried to the information desk to find out where the actual exhibition is. That's it we were told. I've seen better displays in Sportsgirl windows!


1 comment:

  1. How disappointing ! That wasn't an exhibit. All that trouble to send over two dresses, did they fly first class and then they couldn't afford to bring their friends ???? I love your comment about Sportsgirl's windows !