Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've gone Earrings MAD!

Howdy Yawl!!

Well since getting my ears pierced I have been overwelmed by the amount of earrings that are out there to buy & frankly underwelmed by the choice of 'vintage' style earrrings. So many times I have tortured myself by going to Westfield only to leave empty handed earringless grunting with disappointment.
So I did what any vintage loving gal worth her salt would do ... I went onto Etsy. (my preciousssssss)
I was surfing for 'vintage' & 'vintage style' earrings when I stumbled across.
I found a treasure-trove. So O-M-G I decided to make my own earrings!!! Did you know that the name of the front bits on earrings is called a Cabachon? Well now you do now!
So I've ordered 50 million (I may exaggerate a touch) earring posts/backs (it was super cheap to buy in bulk) & I have ordered (again in bulk) masses of cool earring cabachons.
So, a squirt of super glue & WALLAH I have my own earrings!!

I must admit I have gone a bit overboard & bought shiteloads. I also bought packs on Ebay. I am obsessed.
Yesterday my first pack of goodies arrived & I couldn't wait to get home & start creating.
I just love glueing things. I do love the smell of a hot glue gun.
Well 42 pairs later (!!!) I have heaps of cute-as earrings.

If people show interest I might try to sell some but not sure if I want to go down that path.
What do you guys think???
I'm a bit selfish & want to keep them all for me & give them as pressies to people.
I can't wait for my next cabs to arrive. They are glass ones & super kitsch.
Vicki the Queen of Manic Short Lived Craft Attacks.


  1. OMG they are BEAUTIFUL! Can I pretty please be your first customer? I simply MUST have some! Those blue flower ones are divine!

  2. Liking the double flower blue ones...very nice. Kitsch glass ones eh? You'll have to put pictures of those when you make them . x

  3. Oh they are fab! I wondered what type you'd make; these are prefect for your look. Well done with following that brainwave you had.