Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hi-Fallutin now selling earrings!

Howdy yawl. Well I decided to bite the bullet & give it a give selling my earrings. Being the little go-getter that I am & not one to sit back on my haunches I immediately created my business card/earring holders & raced to Officeworks to get them printed.
I decided on an image that was more fun & cartoony than PIN-UP or super 1950s. I think my Hi-Fallutin gal is cute as.  (she's meant to look a bit like me)
I have sold 12 pairs in just 24 hours of creating my Facebook shop!!!  www.facebook.com/hifallutin72
I am going for more of a 'vintage' style with my earrings & avoiding the whole kitsch kustom-kulture polka dot, skull , bow, nautical themes that are already being done.
I am selling them for $10 a pair with free postage in Australia which I think is pretty reasonable.
If my little business continues to grow.... brilliant.... if not it's ok I will just have a fantastic supply of earrings to wear. 
I've already ordered heaps more in all different colours, styles & made from all different materials.
Like glass, resin, celluloid & wood.
Very exciting. I am waiting by the post box eager to receive my shipments.
If anyone wants to order them they can either email me at hifallutin72@yahoo.com OR write SOLD under the pair they want on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/hifallutin72 .
At the moment they are one-offs but if they increase in popularity I will do multiples.
Mz Vicki : Earring Entrepreneur ... who would have thunk it?

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