Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tamborine Skywalk

Hidy ho. Sorry I have been slack on the blogging but the earring caper has taken over everything! I have now sold 35 pairs in one week! Awesome! I'm waiting by the mail box for the posty to deliver my next shipment of stock. There are some really really cute earrings to come.
Anyway, what have I been doing?
Last weekend my Mummsy came to stay. My Mummsy is a social worker who works very very hard in quite a stressful job so it was nice to have her come & stay for the weekend & chill-out with her eldest.
Saturday we got up & did the drive up to Mount Tamborine. I haven't been up the mount for ages!
The weather was lovely & it was a nice cruisy drive up the windey roads.
Our destination:  the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk.
As their blurb says: 
Over 300 meters of stable steel structured bridge through the higher rainforest canopy, combined with the 40 meter long Skywalk Cantilever soaring 30 meters over the creek below. It is the longest canopy walk in South East Queensland.
When I first stepped out onto the bridge I got pretty bad vertigo. Oooo dizzy. But after a few more steps & deep breaths chanting "You're not going to fall. You're not going to fall" I was fine.
For the next 45 minutes we had a lovely stroll through the walk. Not all of the walk is on the high skywalk. Some of it is just on a bushwalk trail.  There weren't many people on the walk so it was nice & quiet in amongst the trees. I was only freaking out a little about getting a tic.

On the way back the path takes you to another skywalk bit but this part is a Cantilever. It juts out over the rainforest canopy. I must admit that I was very very quick in my walk to the end (it was swaying from side to side!). I got Mum to quickly snap a pic of me & bolted back to the path. I am such a wuss!
We made it back to the start just in time for a big bus load of tourists to arrive. Good timing! If you like doing bushwalks & "getting back to nature" I can recommend this as a day out.
If you don't like heights I would avoid it like the plague.
I loved the name of this fern "Weeping Spleenwort".

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