Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Don’t kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about!- Troy McClure

Yesterday was the Ekka show public holiday..
Can I get a HELLS-YEAH!!
I haven't been to the Ekka since I was about 15 years old when I had a massive panic attack because I was caught in the crowds in the tunnel on my way to see the cat show pavillion.
So many screaming people and children, people hacking & snorting & vomiting, the noise of the scratchy loud speaker blaring out HOT DIGGITY DAGWOOD DAWGS GET YA HOT DIGGITY DAGWOOD DAWGS! and all those rides that send my adrenal glands into hyperdrive.
The ONLY positive thing about the ekka is the Bertie Beetle show bag but these days you've got to fight the throngs of hyped up on Monster Drink tweens all jostling & talking WAY too loud fighting to buy the latest One Direction or My Little Porn Star bag.
Just give me the dog/cat pavillion & the fruit exhibit.
Needless to say the the Ekka is NOT my idea of a fun day.
So, instead TBF forced me to get out of my flannies, get tarted up & actually leave the house.
We hit our new favourite takeaway food joint : Guzman Y Gomez.

This place serves up the most unbelievably good Mexican food and I don't mean that horrific Montezemus crap smothered in 5 litres of friggin sour cream & 10 kilos of cheese.
OMG So good. I got a burrito. A Chipolte Steak one.
It's about the size of a 6" sub but is about a gazillion times tastier.
It is also a gazillion times bad for you.
Thanks Calorie King for once again delivering the sad truth....

842 calories . Sigh. Definately NOT 12wbt approved but MAYBE on Saturday treat day!

tasty tasty burrito.
After we had eaten until we thought our guts would explode we headed over to one of my favourite shops.
Lisa the Queen of everything vintage & stylish has moved her shop to Clayfield which unfortunately (insert sarcastic font) is now directly on my route home. Sweet.
So of course, we had to go & suss out her new digs. I need to buy a thesauras because I need more words to use instead of FABULOUS that I have a tendency of overusing.
Just the assortment of vintage hats again had me salivating like a dog locked in a hot car.
If you have a chance be sure to pop in for a gander & be prepared to get lock jaw from gawping at all the fabul....... awesomeness for sale.

Mz Lisa the Style Queen
The store is on a main road & I think I did my bit by standing out the front posing & gesturing toward the shop like a model from Sale of The Century.  I think Lisa was concerned for my safety on the busy roadway because she quickly suggested I come back inside. She's so caring.

I've also discovered on Flakebook that a few of you have signed up to do Round Three of the 12wbt. Don't worry I won't out you. You're 'secret' is safe with me. If yawl need any handy hints just ask me.
Not that I am a good example of the programme.
I guess my advice is just following Mish's advice and
(ok she says Just Freaking do it.. tomayto tomarto)
Just think ladies..... by Christmas we are going to look SLAMMIN' HAWT in our vintage togs.
Yep just like Esther Williams on the cover of Movieland
.. that'll be us


  1. I hear you sister. I am in love with Salsa's Chicken and 5 Vege on a wholemeal tortilla...make everyone take me there to eat.

    A mighty 19PP OMG, however I am addicted and make it work.


  2. i just really like your tomayto tomarto comment. funny.