Saturday, September 3, 2011

We had a WHALE of a time.

Saturday morning The Big Fella, Mummsy, Brian & cuzzy Chelsea & myself all hopped aboard the Brisbane Whale Watching boat Eye-Spy which leaves from the Redcliffe Jetty to go out whale watching.
Mick & I went on this cruise last year & it was amazing. We had talked it up so much that Mum put it on her bucket list for this year.

Around 9.30am we set sail.
Upon embarking you get a nice cuppa tea or coffee & a piece of super yummy carrot or chocolate cake. It was a bit choppy going out but I had taken a few sea-sickness tablets so I was fine. Mum took some too & they made her mega-drousy but aleast she didn't get sick.
After about an hour and a half we finally spotted a pod of whales & the ferry headed toward them.

Over the next hour & half we were treated to around 5 -7 whales in total swimming about 50 metres away from the boat. It was a bit hard to get a decent photo of them though. It was like they were taunting me. Just as I'd put my camera down they would do something amazing so I'd get my camera & then they would go under for 5 minutes so I'd put my camera away & then.....
If you haven't been whale watching & seen these beautiful creatures up close you simply MUST do it.
The cruise on Eye-Spy is $135 & I reckon worth every penny.

It helped that the weather was perfect. Sunny but not searing hot but the wind off the water was cool enough to wear a jacket. I could have stayed out all day. The wind and sun on my face and the gentle bobbing on the water did wonders for my mental state. I would have had a great day even if we hadn't have seen a single whale. The other thing that was great was that there wasn't heaps of people on the cruise. When Mick & I went last year the boat was PACKED & it was hard to get a spot to see the whales. This time everybody had prime position.  Part of the cruise package is a cold lunch of prawns, cold chook & salads. The food was fantastic.
At about one o'clock we headed back. It's amazing how just being on the water makes you so incredibly tired. The crew came around with some fresh fruit but we were all SO relaxed that we could barely keep our eyes open. In fact Mummsy & Bri-Bri had a bit of a kip.
We got back in around 2.30 and hit The Coffee Club on the water for a bit of a caffeine pick-me-up.
It was such a lovely day with my grouse family.
I will never tire of watching those magnificent creatures frolicking & hamming it up.
Oh the whales were good too.

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