Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Atomic Print Curtains

Yesterday I had a 'Mental Health Day' & chucked a sickie. I did have to go to the Doc so it wasn't completely lying.  Later in the arvo I decided that I would finally sew some new curtains for my Institute D'Beaute room.
I've had this repro barkcloth material forever (I think Michael & I bought it from a shop in LA called Golyester a million years ago). I had bought the UV backing stuff last week.
"Pfft!" I thought foolishly "How hard can sewing rod pocket drapes be?"
Well, very hard actually. It sucked. I will never attempt it again.
Pain. In. The.Arse.
After grunting & cursing for about 3 hours they were finally finished... sort of. Do not look too closely at the pics. Yes it kinda of does look like I've just thrown two bits of fabric over the windows as they weren't wide enough to have the nice scrunchy effect at the top.
I am glad to have finally done something with the material though.
And I have enough left to make maybe one throw cushion cover. I think they look ok over my new 1950s chest of drawers I got from Vinnies last week ($25 thank you) and complement Mr Toilet Roll Holder Wrestler Man.
I think if I want funky curtains done again I'll pay the professionals.


  1. OMG! It just get spookier...I took a 'mental health day' on Monday too!!

    We are twins!

    The curtains look great, I am jealous of your sewing adventures...but not jealous enough to try them myself :P haha

  2. Looks great! And good on you for persisting, too.

  3. Well Done Vicki! Awesome Fabric!