Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunday morning The Big Fella & I got up fairly early & hi-tailed it into the city to The Pig N Whistle to watch UFC Rio. Because we got there early we scored a major hollywood park & a great seat in a booth.
Very quickly the PNW filled up with punters eager to watch the fights. The fight was being held in Brazil so there were quite a number of Brisbane Brazilians in the crowd which was great as it added to the atmosphere.  It is a great atmosphere at PNW to watch UFC though the food prices are pretty crazy.
Finally it ramped up to the main event which was Anderson Silva Vs Yushin Okami.
As usual Anderson Silva was a freaking machine & whipped Yushin's arse.
We then packed up & went to The Crown Hotel at Lutwhyche to see West Texas Crude & Dan & The Dualtones.  Because UFC finished early we got to the pub early only to find that they too had screened the UFC fight! We could have just gone there! Oh well we'll know for next time. We quickly secured a table.
The rest is a bit of a blur to me because the place quickly filled up with other like minded rockers looking for some kicks on a Sunday arvo.  The terrible two-some of Mz Karie & Mz Lisa turned up & the bevvies started flowing to celebrate Mz K's birthday & well to celebrate kicking up our heels on a Sunday arvo.
The Big Fella settled in with Mr Hill & set about designing something that was either some sort of evil vehicle of mass destuction OR a mean looking soap box racer.
I left them to it & by now being very very merry (read: pissed as a newt) set about launching myself at unsuspecting men to dance. Thankfully Mz Sheri Bomb was willing to donate her poor man to my dancing cause. Wowzers that man can dance.Woohoooo!  Mr Swing-a-Billy Ray was next in my radar & I had a few spins with him too.
By now the sounds of the band & the way too many chardys had me bopping away like a lunatic.
Finally, The Big Fella suggested it was time to go home. Good Idea. I was getting messy. Maybe next time I might try to have some waters inbetween wines. *face palm*
Thanks to Lori Lee for putting on ANOTHER awesome gig.
AND from checking out her website there is going to be heaps more gigs to go to before the year is out.
Yep I could get used to this Sunday arvo gig bizzo.
(Note: I swear I wasn't checking out your arse Lori. I was checking out your Levis!)

PS: I was also excited because I got to wear my new frock from Etsy. I didn't get a good photo of me in it so here is a pic of it. Super cute Egyptian print cotton dress with funky pockets & neck detailing.


  1. Thanks for the shout out lady :) Was nice to get a few squeezes in with you, you ladies are a blast! Put me to shame you do haha And you and your posse always look so devine!

  2. And your frock looked amazingly gorgeous - there was many a you young man whispering in my ear "who is that beautiful blonde woman in the Egyptian dress?"

  3. Oh you people with social lives, get away with ya! Good to see more fab bangles on you!!

  4. Any sane men would be thrilled to have you launching yourself at them! I so love reading about your exploits, Mz. V -- keep them coming! Also -- your awesome Egyptian print dress is made from the same Egyptian print cloth as my Egypt dress -- except mine is dark green. How wild is that?! I think I'm wearing it in one of the photos from our Aussie trip -- maybe the night you guys took me to the fancy seafood restaurant so I could gorge myself on giant prawns? Check it out -- we're twinsies!