Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wow. London is sort of alright I guess. I must admit I had no real intention of going to London, but we did go in for the day and now I'm sort of glad we did.

It's not that I think London is particularly amazing, nor do I think it's really terrible. But if you are only there for one day, ask my sister to write your itinery for you.

We trained it into Fenchurch street and walked around to London bridge and spent a little time getting pics there. After that we walked back around to Monument station and took the tube to Westminster to check out Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey. All cool in their own right, but not exactly the stuff that Vic and I get into. Unless we are doing an indepth tour.

From there, we bought sandwiches in a store called Pickles and walked around the corner to St James Park where we sat to eat amongst Pigeons and Squirrells and RATS! Woohoo. Although there were plenty to start with at one point all of a sudden the squirrells all dashed toward the trees and the rats ran around frantically, obviously disturbed. We didn't know why but within seconds we found out as the rustling in the hedges grew louder and suddenly there was an intense streak of red as the fox passed within feet of us. Needless to say it took a little while before we could entice the squirrells back to us.

After lunch we strolled out towards Buckingham palace and were charged 2 pounds for the pleasure of sitting in a deck chair for 30 seconds. Nice job. Almost as straight up as a Brisbane parking inspector.

On to Buckingham palace just after changing of the guard. Thank God we weren't there for the changing of the guard as there were more people there than I ever care to deal with all at once.

Not being overly interested in the palace we strolled up through Green Park to the Ritz and along Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus. Then we continued via tube to Camden.

Camden is us. We love Camden... I think it deserves it's own blog actually.

And it shall have one.

Toodle pip.

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