Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm in Shape. Unfortunately, it's the Wrong One.


SO What did I do differently?
I cut back on my fruit to 2 serves a day.
I swapped my breakfast to a high protein omelette.
I walked for minimum of 30 minutes a day.

Now lets all bow our heads & pray to the WW Gods that this continues.

When I excitedly entered this into my IPhone WW app I was amazed to see "CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE LOST 10%". WTF?  "Stupid Bloody dodgy fandangle tech thingy things" I grumbled.
Then I remembered that I actually joined WW in 2010.  I quickly scolled wayyyyyyyyy back and realised that when I first started I weighed 97kg.

Do you realise what the heck this means?!!
I have lost 9.9kg since 2010.
That's only one Ford pill away from 10 kilos!
"Pfft" some of you might huff "2 and a half years!!?  Jesus woman take ya bloody time why don't ya".

To the naysayers I that time I have done 4 rounds of IVF, given up the durries, given up the grog, given up caffeine, changed my meds but taken up a lot of CLEAN eating and miraculously haven't been collected by the men in the white coats & take to a nice quiet rubber lined room.
I am still searching for an exercise that I actually enjoy. So far I like plain old fashioned one foot in front of the other WALKING and I quite like doing free weights. To all those people who have assured me that I will eventually learn to like running.... you can bash that up ya bum. I will never like, love or even think fondly of running.
But ANYONE can learn to run!!!! Probably, but some of us just don't want to.

With my gradual weight loss I can really see the difference in my big Bert Newton sized head. I am pretty sure that at least 5 of those 10 kilos came directly off my cheeks and jowls. I have gone from having a head the size of a large mutant watermelon to that of a normal melon.

I've always tried NOT to focus TOO much on those blasted scales though and cannot stress enough to my fellow weight loss friends the importance of MEASURING YOURSELF!

In the last 2 1/2 years I have lost 10cm off my waist & 8cm off my bazoongas. (I'm not sure how much I've lost off my hips because I never know how to measure my hips properly).
I should have measured the circumference of my noggin!

I think the WW program is a constant journey of tweaking and trial and error it until you find what works for you. That's my excuse & I'm sticking to it. Hmmph.

I'm glad it's Friday today. It's bloody FREEZING and rainy today so I missed my walk :( but thankfully the sun is going to come out tomorrow. (Yes I sang that like the musical Annie). Betcha bottom dollarrrrrrrrrrr.

TBF & I are having a stack of friends over for a BBQ tomorrow night. We have made it an UGLY SWEATER BBQ (for no good reason other than we can).  I am making WW friendly couscous salad & coleslaw & am having skewered prawns on the barbie mate.  I must admit that there will be marshmallows and hot chocolate too but I will TRY not to go overboard.
It should be a nice night as it's been AGES since I caught up with everyone. We NEVER entertain at our place normally because our house is roughly not much larger than a large outhouse and our massive backyard is the Dogs Domain and is always covered in fur and poo and weeds.
It's amazing how having people over can suddenly spur you on to have a HUMUNGUS clean up!
I'm glad my awesomely rad ugly sweater is nice & toasty warm because it's going to be colder than your land lady's heart (credit to Steve at work for that one).

I hope yawl have a great weekend..  Stay warm!


  1. hmmm - I am going to have a crack at making "Slow Cooker Kahlua hot chocolate" tonight. thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. 10%Is awesome! Considering you gave up the fags and drink. U are a healthier person no matter what u weigh!
    Keep up the good work. I am currently wearing my ugly and itchy jumper on the way :-)