Monday, June 24, 2013

I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it. I'm sexy and I know it

Saturday night TBF & I hosted an UGLY SWEATER BBQ at our place.
No reason.
No occasion.
We really just wanted an excuse to wear hideous knitwear with nice nutty people.
We were up bright n early on Saturday morning because there is nothing like having people over to prompt you into a massive OCD cleaning attack. We literally DID NOT stop all day.
Even though my mates couldn't  give a rats arse what sort of filth we live in, I still feel the need for my home to be freaking sparkling when guests come around. (Yes we hate "The Pop Over"). I was just like Kim from "How Clean is Your House?"
"Ooooo look at 'em skirtin' boards! They're right filfy they are innit. Bitta bicarb an' they'll look right proper"

Finally all the dog poo was cleaned up (in the yard not the house) the trinkets were dusted & the remaining mess was chucked into our bedroom with the door slammed shut.
I SO wish I had a WW pedometer because I reckon I took 500 billion steps and accrued 100 activity points! (give or take).

One by one our freaky daggy arse friends arrived. Can I just say, that even though the jumpers that were adorned were of an exceptionally high standard of dagginess they still didn't look too bad simply because our friends are just so damn attractive.
Food wise I was a good girl. I had skewered prawns on the BBQ and WW friendly homemade couscous & coleslaw. I did have ONE sausage. I only drank cups of decaf coffe, tea & one Liptons Chai Latte. The only problem with hosting is, I was running around like a blue-arse fly and didn't really sit down all night and have a proper chat with the gang.

Then we brought everyone inside for some Pixi-Photo style portraits. So much fun.
We all had the icy stare down pat. I think everyone had a good time.
The night was totes casual and a wee bit chilly but thanks to some donated braziers & firewood it was noice & warm (albeit a bit smoky) out the back.
We finally crashed around 1.30am but because I was still mentally running around I got bugger-all sleep while TBF drifted off into Kraken bourbon slumber.

I was up on Sunday at sparrows again and again spent the day running around doing the food shopping, cooking my lunches, uploading the awesome pics from the night (this wasn't a chore) and clothes washing. Finally around 3 I sat down. "I know" I thought happily "I'll watch the docos Samsara & Baraka. They will uplift my spirits!". Ummmm I don't think so. Beautifully filmed but very depressing. I crashed & burned around 8pm.

Yesterday, (Monday) I was rat-shit tired, grumpy, flat & down. Not depressed as such. Just low.
I struggled through work and by the time it was 4pm I was dead on my feet and in my head.
So I did a stupid thing.
I stopped at the bakery to buy a Neenish tart. I swear I was only going to buy ONE. And I did only buy one.......... and a Cherry Ripe slice roughly the size of a house brick. And I ate them both.

To be honest I didnt' even really taste them.  I was just brain dead and wanted something to perk me up I think. Instead, they just made me feel like I was going to spew. GAG.

Today, I am feeling ALOT better and am back on track.
My morning walk along the water was divine and the sun on my face was wonderful.
It's amazing how much lack of sleep affects me. It makes me a bit nervous to think of how I will cope if we do have a baby. CRIPES!

Anyway, onwards & downwards..... weight wise that is.


  1. Everyone looks so proper!!! YET, they look like they had a blast!


  2. Brandie it was great fun. I'm very lucky to have a great bunch of friends who are just as mental as me LOL

  3. haha you all look completely mental awesomesauce. Love it! I must throw an ugly sweater party soon. Great post, always appreciate the amount of work you put into it. You will be an awesome mum by the way and you manage with the lack of sleep. I am the same, I need my sleep but did manage to stay sane thus far and dear son is nearly 2. xo