Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As soon as we stepped out of the train station we felt like "YES!" Camden is like a combination of Fortitude Valley, Newtown in Sydney & Haight St in San Fran. Very alternative & bohemian.

The markets at Camden lock are both underground & above. The underground part is AMAZING. It's like another world. In some places the walls are totally made of incredible carved wood and others are like you've stepped into the back streets of India.

Hundreds of food stalls offering you a taste of what looked and smelled fantastic. Every nationality you can imagine.

Clothing stalls selling everything from Tuk creepers to shitty dodgy tourist Tshirts to Gothic Lolita and rockabilly. We found one vintage clothing store that had a big collection of Sun Surf shirts & 50's curtains for sale. I had to get out before I spent our whole trip fund.
Mick even found a vendor selling Luchre masks. He bought himself a Rey Mysterio.

Everywhere in the markets were huge statues of horses..some bursting out of the walls.
Camden Lock used to be a big horse stable place.
We stopped to have lunch on the river while sitting on these scooter seats.
Fantastic mexican food.

One of our new favourite places in the world.

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